Friday, May 04, 2007


Cinco De Mayo on Maui

Photo: Charles Pfeil

Tomorrow will be the yearly Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, and since I will be celebrating it and taking a break from blogging, I am posting today about this holiday. I look for any excuse to celebrate, and this holiday is one of my favorites! Don't ask me why!

I learned a lot in my research for this post. For instance, I searched online for the famous rock guitarist Sammy Hagar's tequila website, Cabo Wabo, as was startled to discover the website depicted the mock photo of a driver's licence and then had the nerve to ask my age before allowing me to enter the site. You can see for yourself, here! I guess underage thinking- about- drinking is being watched on the internet now. Sigh!

Mind you, I'm not opposed to a bit of caution, but it's really quite silly. If I was a kid, I could easily type in another age. I suppose websites are required to show some responsibility though.

Sammy Hagar once owned a residence on the North Shore (of Maui) which I visited long ago, but I don't know if he still owns it. When I think of Cinco de Mayo, I think of tequila. Then I think of Sammy Hagar's premium tequilas. Then I think of creating some delicious ones in my blender for friends and myself tomorrow.

If you're in the Cinco de Mayo party mood (have a responsible, non-drinking driver with you!), here's some Maui spots which will be happening tomorrow:

Mulligan's will be doing a charity benefit for their friend, Scott Jones, who was in a motorcycle accident. And Fred's across from Kamaole Sands 2 is another option.

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