Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Another Maui Shark Attack

As readers know who read my posts often, the beach I most often hang-out at is Keawakapu Beach in South Maui. And it's this long beach that's been the beach with frequent shark attacks this year! The beaches have been closed because of this attack from Kalama Park all the way to the Grand Wailea Resort.

Another one happened yesterday, and I heard about it right away when the phone calls came in! Here's the May 8th article about it in the Maui News with the headline "Shark bump, then bite, shut down beaches."

Apparently the woman was snorkeling when she got bit by what is thought to be a tiger shark. She survived and was taken to the hospital. I haven't heard any more news about her condition.

So today I was driving down South Kihei Road, and I watched a police car (sirens blaring) speed past me, and then a bit later, I saw a lifeguard truck with sirens heading in the same direction. I shivered wondering if there was yet another shark attack!

What is going on? This news doesn't make any of us comfortable swimming in the ocean right now.

The speculation is the reason the sharks are coming closer to shore and attacking is that the oceans are getting fished out, and thus, the sharks are hungry.

I took the photo above of the location where I heard the woman was attacked. The beach which is usually packed was empty but for one person.

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Just browsing, very interesting.
I have exchanged link-love with you! Mahalo!
OMG they scare me the bad fish.
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When I go I won't mind it being by shark if I get to do it here. The only other thing I want beforehand is a tight fat one of pakalolo.

And, now, my friend...You have been tagged! 8-D Have to keep you on YOUR toes.
That's scary! Those beaches are not far from where we stay, only a few miles down the road (we stay at Kealia when we come to Maui). I'm sure a shark could easily make it up there from Kalama Park!
Yo Mama - we got some sharks here but only of the basking variety. Glad I found your blog!

Beach Bum
OMG just happened across this site and wow, that is the beach we snorkeled in Oct. 2007. I have pictures of that very site. lol I saw a shark while snorkeling in Maui, but I saw one while snorkeling the beach at the Grand Wailea. Scary, but I will still snorkel. Mahalo
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