Sunday, May 20, 2007


The All-Day Trilogy Excursion

Yesterday we took our house guests on the All-Day Trilogy Sailing Adventure to Lanai, another Hawaiian Island about an hour and a half away by motor. Through the years, we have sampled nearly all of the boating companies available, and the Trilogy fleet of custom high-tech ocean sailing catamarans are one of our favorite companies because of the great service, crew, and other offerings. Trilogy is the oldest sailing company operating on Maui (since 1973!), and their service and boats are always top notch. We were on their newest boat yesterday, and we had a great time being out on the water! There wasn't enough wind to actually sail, but I got a great photo of the massive sail anyway.

As we approached Lanai, a pod of spinner dolphins greeted us, and as we left Lanai, they escorted us out of the harbor. After disembarking back in the Lahaina harbor, Sherry wanted another fitted toe ring, so we both got fitted for a custom toe ring in the Wharf Cinema Center across from the harbor. The business card of Tropical Artware advertises that they are "Maui's Best Toe Ring Shop since 1987!", and this small store has some of the most unusual selection of items you're likely to find on Maui including fine oceanic arts and wood carvings, fertility fetishes, blow guns, ceremonial pipes, and other hard-to-find items. Many items aren't for sale because they're collectibles.

The biggest laugh of the day is the story of the "strange man" standing in the parking lot. The parking lot used by the Trilogy Company in Lahaina sits across from a great little restaurant called Lahaina Coolers. So while Sherry and I were getting our toe rings, Jim and my partner had a couple of drinks and snacks while they waited on us there. Jim sat facing the parking lot.

Even though both of them wear glasses, they saw this strange looking dude standing in one place all the time, and by the time Sherry and I arrived, they were getting concerned why this guy wasn't moving. Why was he just standing in one place they speculated? Was he a criminal waiting for the right moment to break into cars, or what was he up to?

It was not until we finally made it to our parked car in the rear of the parking lot that we saw what they had been having suspicions about. Here's what they saw: an old mannequin standing behind an abandoned truck! We laughed so hard tears rolled out of our eyes!

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