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Thursday Thirteen And Inspiration

Many (long!) years ago I dated a successful Hollywood producer for a period of time. One day I went to visit him at his home and discovered he had designed a special photo wall with two photos on it. The top one was of the late Pope John Paul and him. Apparently on a Papal visit to Los Angeles (so the story went), the producer had the opportunity to meet the Pope, and this meeting had been a high point in his life.

The second photo was of me! I was shocked to find my photo framed underneath the photo of the Pope. And I asked him why. He told me this was his "inspiration wall", and the Pope and I were the two most spiritual people he had ever met. He said he felt uplifted every time he walked past this wall, and that it served multiple purposes. I know this action on his part could be construed as 'egotistic' because he could just as easily have put a picture of the Pope without him in the picture. However, he had excellent reasons which made sense to me--it's good to remember what it feels like when we finally meet our heroes. I learned from him the importance of surrounding oneself with those beings that inspire and uplift one--their presence in our environment and homes are invaluable aids for comfort, inspiration, and remembering the important things.

This is why I list THIRTEEN photos and/or people, deities, and other beings in my home which are MY inspiration:

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama

2. Kuan Yin (Quan Yin)

3. Ganesha

4. The Madonna

5. Buddha

6. Jesus Christ

7. White Tara

8. Saraswati

9. Maitreya

10. Lakshmi

11. Dolphins

12. Angel

13. My family!

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Awesome list... what a great idea. It's always interesting to see who is an inspiration for us. Thank you for sharing... and that is a fantastic story you shared. :)
Oh, how lucky you are to be able to hear the Dalai Lama in person! Great list; I love dolphins, too :-)
I'm a huge fan of Ganesha (or Ganesh in the north). I wear an Ohm/Ganesha pendant and have a car Ganesha that was blessed during a puja when I was in India. My home is filled with Ganesha items - all gifts from India co-workers. Guess they know me better than I know myself.

Who can argue with the "remover of obstacles"?
What a GREAT TT post idea! Mind if I borrowed it in the future?! I really like it

Thanks for visiting my TT!
Wow, I love the idea of an inspiration wall, and this is a great list. Thanks for sharing.
Happy TT! :-)
This is a great list. You are absolutely right that it is important to remember those who inspire us and to hang on to that inspiration, particularly during difficult times.

Thanks for the reminder.
I was fascinated by your list and the links---I am going to go back to a couple of them and spend some time reading in depth.

How wonderful to be someone's inspiration---and to be so spiritual. I finally got google reader set up so I could subscribe to your blog. Maui and spirituality...can't go wrong there.

I love the emphasis in all your links on the connection between freedom from suffering and one's spiritual state. It's so true, and I know it is, and yet I forget it again every day.
What a lovely reminder to look for the positive, for inspiration, rather than towards worry and despair.

Happy TT.
Very interesting idea. We all certainly need to be inspired. Glad you have a great way to keep yourself "up."
Great idea great T13
Ganesh, Jesus, Saraswati and Lakshmi all can be found within my home as well. I feel such a personal connection to Ganesh and have beautiful statues, tapestries and a handmade mask of him.

Great TT
Be well and enjoy the day
It would be interesting to read HOW some of them inspired you I could always guess, but you know what they say when you assume. Well I definitely like the topic you choose, perhaps I could "borrow" it one of these Thursdays?
A very interesting list and some great links to explore. :) Happy TT.
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