Thursday, April 12, 2007


Thursday Thirteen And Dreams For Maui

When I visualize and dream the ULTRA Maui Paradise, here are thirteen things I would add to make Maui even bettah:

1. More bike trails all over the island-- set apart from traffic, such as the bike trail built (but not quite completed) along Mokulele Highway-- would allow easier traffic flow.

2. Wailuku re-designed with only pedestrian traffic allowed, charming outdoor cafes, coffee shops, art galleries, gift shops, etc. Wailuku (township) could be a great destination and an alternative to other shopping venues on Maui.

3. New crops planted which would make Maui self-sufficient and sustainable in innumerable ways are needed for Maui's well-being.

4. Alternative housing designs which would pass permit inspections would allow Maui to showcase herself as a trend-maker.

5. AFFORDABLE HOUSING and surrounding communities designed with all the amenities
would assist everyone and allow lower income people to remain living on Maui instead of moving away.

6. Higher salaries for everyone, especially teachers and nurses are yesterday!

7. A four-year college CAMPUS with beautiful grounds would attract many.

8. The talked-about road which has been on the books like FOREVER (or so it seems) leading from South Maui to upcountry Maui would FINALLY be built!

9. Expanded roadways all over Maui are absolutely a necessity.

10. A desalination plant built so Maui could convert ocean water to usable water.

11. Underground facilities which would allow safety, comfort, and security for all if high winds or hurricanes should happen would be a great addition.

12. Stringent and enforceable air-control and pollution measures made into laws.

13. Better and bigger educational systems of all kinds for the children would offer the future leaders of Maui the education they need.

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I always imagined Maui as paradise already. Seems I need to learn more!
Great list! And you need nurses? Ooh, the temptation... considering I can't get a job here despite loads of nursing experience...
that would really be a great idea!!! great list this week!
Great blog, very insightful
Those are some great ideas! I never even thought of water issues in Hawaii.
I've only been to Oahu, and that was years ago. Seems from your post that Maui needs to be more diverse, is it maily just tourism now? I never considered that there wasn't a four year college on Maui. I guess it's either leave, or internet college.

Thanks for visiting me.
Thanks for giving me a glimpse at Maui. I so wanna go.... :)

I love your blog! I miss Maui so much, but regularly visiting your blog makes me feel like I'm there...a wee bit! Have a Macadamia Nut Chi Chi for me, kay? And post when you've had one! I'll be even more jealous!

My TT is up!
Great TT. The things you listed would serve the island and all her people not just the visitors.

Be well and enjoy the day
Then it would be perfect indeed! Great list!!

Lisa - Lil' Duck Duck
What a beautiful list. I've never been to Hawaii - but reading your list makes me wish I was there!

Happy TT!
I've never been to Maui...but I had no idea it needed improving! Of course, there are those who think that where I live (Boca Raton) is pretty great and I could sure come up with a Thursday Thirteen (or Thirty!)
Some day I'm going to get to visit Maui. It would be so amazingly different from where I'm from. Wonderful list. :)
I've never been, but it sounds like it would be beautiful already--from a visitor's perspective. But it's very interesting to see if from the eyes of someone who lives there. :) Great blog!
I have a friend who lives on Maui. I saw a picture of her home with a view of the ocean from her living room picture window. Maui seemed pretty perfect to me. Then again, I live in an apartment in Tokyo. It's hard to compare. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I'm so very far away from Maui, on the east coast of Canada. But we could use some of those TT ideas, too. I like the desalination idea for the water. It's always so ironic to be surrounded by water 'but not a drop to drink.'
Last time I was there we were shocked at how little people were being paid vs the cost of living! Beautiful island though...especially along the Hana Highway [wanted to stop at every bend and just enjoy].
I do hope that all your dreams will comes true!

Happy TT!
I guess even paradise could get better! Greetings from the top of the northern hemisphere...
I'm jealous! I wanna live in paradise!
Admittedly, I don't live there like you, but when I visited in January, I thought Maui was pretty close to perfect. :)
I've never been to Maui, but I can definitely understand the need for affordable housing. We have a housing crunch here at the moment and prices are skyrocketing - taxes and rent increases are pricing many seniors, disabled and lower income families out of their homes.
Thank you for stopping by my TT!

And Maui looks to be a beautiful paradise already, but I agree that a desalination plant would be a wonderful resource.

Great list!
Great suggestions, I love your ideas for Wailuku. I love Wailuku, I feel it has a lot of potential, what with the Iao Theater and now the new cafe' that opened up serving the wine, having entertainment, etc.

Re: the road to Upcountry: I've always been a little leery about them ever finishing that road...if they did they would have to put in some strict zoning so that the condos wouldn't just start marching up the side of Haleakala. The remoteness is makes it so great...but I know it is inconvenient if you need to get quickly from Wailea to the back of the volcano there...
Excellent TT and echoing TC as I think of Maui as paradise. Nothing like living it though. Thanks for stopping by my TT
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