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Thursday Thirteen-3 Years and 300 Posts Today!

Happy Birthday to Who's Yo Mama! She has grown into a three year old! She was born March 2, 2004, and as of today, I will reach my 300th post! I had no idea at the time that Who's Yo Mama would grow this big! WYM was born out of sheer frustration when my partner and I were renovating our home, and I needed a way to vent. In 2004 I was writing my fiction book "Under A Maui Moon", and I was constantly interrupted and distracted by the noise and chaos of the renovation. I found it impossible to concentrate on the book, so blogging seemed like a grand idea to keep in writing practice, and oh yes...vent! Little did I imagine my dive into the blogosphere would eventually grow into a great passion, and I would become a prolific blogger with ten blogs!

As we say in Hawaii, Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much) for Three Awesome Years! Thank you for your support, your friendship, and your comments!

For today's Thursday Thirteen I'd like to share thirteen things I've learned and experienced in my three years of blogging and 300 posts:

1. Photos of Maui are appreciated as your comments have testified to through the years.
2. Memes such as this one, Thursday Thirteen, have introduced me to incredibly kind, talented writers and artists I would never have known were it not for blogging.
3. Blogging has enlarged my world and expanded me in innumerable ways.
4. People want to read each other's personal stories, be they ever so mundane.
5. There is so much more to blogging than I fathomed when I began.
6. The tech part of blogging has been my steepest learning curve. I knew very little about computers before blogging, and now I'm a whole lot more educated through the blood, sweat, and tears of practice, experimentation, and the blessings of helpful others.
7. Publishing quickly through blogging gives me an immediate gratification rush!
8. My self-esteem has grown as I've learned the ropes.
9. I feel great sharing through my daily writing and photography.
10. People--you, me, & we--need each other. We need community.
11. Creativity, communicating, and nurturing others are my soul purpose.
12. Venting online is no longer necessary.
13. I've come a long way, but I've got a LONG way to go!

Here's one more recent photo to share with you!

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that is a great list! i am having so much fun blogging as well...keep on bloggin!
Happy Blogger Birthday. Three Years and going Strong. Good for you
I hear you on the joys and learnings we get from blogging. I can relate to almost everything in your list. I'm barely a year in the blogosphere but I am immensely enjoying it. It's a stress reliever for me.
Happy Blog Birthday. Thanks for sharing it with us.
My blog is so new, it is nice to "meet" someone who has been doing this for so long. Happy Birthday! By the way, I love your photos. Thanks for sharing!
Happy Blogger Birthday! You hardly look a day over 2 years and 6 months! :) Thanks for stopping by my TT!
Congratulations. I discovered this locale today and thank you for your invitation to check you out. Three years is a long time for a newbie like me to think about. I can see why you have been successful. Your tone and style are so smooth. You gotcha yourself a bookmark, babe and I can't wait to get to know you under an Hawaiian sky.

Happy TT
great tt, thanks for sharing!

smiles, bee
You have the most gorgeous blog ever! I'm jealous! Happy Birthday to you and congrats on reaching 300.
Happy Blog Birthday! I loved your list of things that you learned. Blogging is just so fun and addictive!!

That last picture is just beautiful! Where was it taken?
Congratulations on 300 posts and 3 years! That is a lovely photo!
Beautiful photo. I would love to go to Hawaii some day. And congratulations on 300 posts. Wow!

Two questions: How do you find the time to blog so much and write fiction? I feel really inundated trying to keep up with everything right now.

Also, any books or websites you can suggest regarding the technical curve? I do feel the lack of knowledge at times but don't know where to turn.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
happy 300!!! Congrats! Thanks for visiting me :)
Congrats, but if you think 300 posts is old, what does that make my blog?
Great blog and great photos!!

Hope you have a great Easter! Thanks for visiting my site earlier.
Congratulations on 300 posts!! I love your list. I agree, memes like TT have been a great way for me to meet some wonderful people. :)
Happy birthday to you! I love your blog and yes, the pics are great. The one you posted here is soooo... wow! I hope I'll have the money someday to visit beautiful Maui.
Thanks for visiting my oracle TT!
Happy 300th!
Thanks for all the good information and beautiful pictures. I can't imagine taking care of more than one blog. Good work!
Congratulations on reaching your 3 year blogging anniversary. Thanks for visiting my TT.
Congratulations on your 300th post! I have a long ways to go until I reach that milestone! I hear you on the learning of the technical part. I keep discovering new cool things to add to my blog!
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