Monday, April 09, 2007


Maui Golf And Marilyn Monroe?

This past week we toured the former Grand Waikapu golf course which closed down for awhile, but which has now been re-born as The King Kamehameha Golf Club. My partner and his golfing buddy golfed this gorgeous course for many years before it changed owners and began charging membership fees.

We had to admit the new owners have done a great job of embellishing this already beautiful golf course and environs, although it was always a very special course and building. The famous, prolific architect for this building is the deceased Frank Lloyd Wright, and you can admire a framed portrait of him (looking very distinguished) in the stairway leading down to the pro shop.

We have known this building as the "Marilyn Monroe" house because rumor has it that Wright had designed this building for Marilyn Monroe. I haven't been able to discover if this Monroe story is an urban legend or truth. However, if it is truth, Marilyn would have had a HUGE mansion-- this building isn't small!

My partner and his buddies who have golfed here don't feel the initiation fees are worth the price since they say the wind kicks up about 10:30 or 11 am, and the golf course, as beautiful as it is, is more challenging to play because of the wind. I'm not even a golfer, but I would love it if he became a member because this place is so utterly gorgeous and the energies so fantastic. With the towering West Maui Mountains behind and the view of the arriving airplanes with the valley below, you feel like you've moved up to an emerald Maui Heaven. At least I do.

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Very interesting, I didn't realize there was a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright on Maui!
I've been studying architectural design for years and had no idea Frank Lloyd Wright did anything in Hawaii. I know he designed a gas station in Minnesota which is petty cool looking. But I love the domed roof.

The building was built using a design he made for Marilyn and Miller in 1957. The Maui version is an enlarged version of the original design. Marilyn met with FLW but never had it built in Connetticut. It was too costly and she divorced Miller in 1960.
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