Monday, April 02, 2007


Famous Faces and Bodies On Maui

Photo: terragalleria

Since Maui is acknowledged as one of the most popular vacation island destinations, it only figures that many celebrities come here too. I sometimes see these famous faces in unlikely faces where I ask myself, "Did I just see who I thought I saw?!"

Since the 'coconut wireless' is very efficient on Maui, the news of a celebrity sighting gets around quickly, and I'll receive a phone call from friends about a celebrity they just spotted, what they were wearing, and what they REALLY look like. Through the years I have heard some pretty racy stories--some of which may be completely false. One time I was approached in a book store by a lady who thought I was the actor Geena Davis (when she was a blond), even though I don't look a bit like her! And, of course, I have also had an opportunity to meet some of these famous ones. Second homes on Maui for the Hollywood crowd is common. I read Owen Wilson is building a home here just the other day.

The reason I mention this is because I recently viewed the posted online photos of singer Courtney Love which were surprising and shocking in that she had lost so much weight she was barely recognizable. She was vacationing at the Kealani Resort in Wailea, and when she went to the beach, the cameras were snapping away. Check out Courtney's new bikini bod here.
I think she needs to put some weight back on! I may be in the minority who think this, but I am one of those women who like to see some curves on women's bodies.

My thoughts about weight loss and Maui are this: if you stay on Maui long enough, you will gain weight! I don't know why this is. My friends and I have speculated that it has something to do with the humidity. So continue hanging out here Courtney. Maui will help you to put some weight back on! Trust me...if you stick around here, weight gain is inevitable!

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Yiiiuuu!! OMG !! I saw the woman´s pic!

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