Sunday, April 15, 2007


Another Sunday At A Maui Beach

There are so many stories which transpire in front of us as we loll on the beach. Today my daughter and I were delighted to have some long overdue beach-time together as we had missed several of our Sundays At The Beach. We enjoy people watching, and usually what takes place directly in front of our beach chairs is either funny, touching, mysterious, horrifying, and always worth a chuckle or two. The following photos tell a story, but I would like you to use your imagination as to what transpired. The three photos will have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

There is an expression, "You really had to be there!" However, that's not always true if you use your imagination. These three photos could conjure up many scenarios to different people!

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Okay I will play along.....the Man wishes that he hasno worries, no bills , no stress and he was a little boy playing in the sand. The yellow truck is a symbol of movement and moving towards being creative and allowing your inner child to play. And the last photo is your adult self either lifting you up to allow you to achieve your dreams, or your adult self saying stop playing and grow up. I guess it is all about how you look at things?
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