Friday, March 09, 2007


We're All Lost on Lost!

Photo: terragalleria

We are devoted fans of the television series "Lost". This show is about people who are lost to the world (or so it seems) and surviving on an island somewhere in the Pacific. After the passenger plane on which they were traveling from Australia crashed, the characters continually battle a group of "hostiles" and flashback on their lives before the crash. The twisted, suspenseful show baffles everyone. Those whom have become hooked on Lost speculate endlessly (online and off) about the clues, the deeper meanings, and the ultimate outcome. And this is exactly where the skilled, sadistic producers want us to be: lost, confused, and begging for more! The show is filmed on Oahu, Hawaii, one island over from on Maui.

My partner and I grumble about how SLOW the storyline moves in the weekly segments. Like addicts, we want our next Lost Fix Now! If we could, we'd fast forward in time to the future because the suspense is getting to us. And this is why I am sharing this YouTube video with you last, something about Lost which isn't slow!!!! As a matter of fact, it's so speedy, it will blow you away.

Watch the artist Nico Mattia from Argentina draw Sawyer, the ultimate Bad Boy of Lost and chuckle along with me. Click here for the thrill of a speedy, amazing draw.

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I've given up on Lost. Thank God Ugly Betty is on!
Never watched Lost I am probably one of a select few that has never watched the show!
I'm hooked on Lost too! However the storyline seems to be going all over the place as the episodes go by. Still a great show though!

Since you live in Hawaii, have you met any of the stars from the Lost TV show? Have you visited the production location before?
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