Thursday, March 01, 2007


Thursday Thirteen-- Maui Memories

1. We walk the charming gecko-patterned path to dine at Mama's Fish House.
2. A friend plays his own composition on his Grand piano.
3. We open a ripe papaya and discover a heart shape instead of the traditional round shape.

4. Another magical Haleakala sunrise awes me.
5. A pod of spinner dolphins pace our boat.
6. Ripe coconuts in one of our coconut trees before harvesting
7. We pose for a photo before taking off in a helicoptor.
8. We horseback ride on Maui's North Shore.
9. Two of my beloveds express their loving affection.
10. The breakfast table is good to go even admidst renovation construction.
11. A lazy dog is the welcome mat for the Life's A Beach Bar and Grille!
12. A German couple I just married makes a different wedding kiss!
13. Thar she blows! This is the first sighting of a Humpback Whale.

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What a beautifully illustrated Thirteen! Good job.

Wow, amazing! Beautiful pictures, I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing!
My TT shows a lot of pics of my two kittens growing up.
Love your list and the pics! I need to get back to Hawaii...
Great photos. I especially love he papaya -- I'm fairly certain that you have two papayas that fused together during the early stages of development, which I think makes the sentiment extra sweet!
I think I could live in Hawaii. Looks awesome.
Maui is my favorite island.
Oh what a beautiful T13 !!!

I love all your photos ! We say here : Splendide !

Happy T13 !!! :-)

P.S. Thanks for stopping by !
P.P.S. Do you speak french ?
It looks like paradise!
Ooh la la Aloha! What wonderful shots! Did you go there to do a wedding?
I love the heart-shaped papaya. I love eating them too. Great photos! Thanks for the memories.
Good idea for T!3!
Nice Post...

I loved the love picture "A German couple I just married makes a different wedding kiss!"

You must tell then to send it to 1 Million Love Messages :-)

Best Regards and.. give us more posts like this :-)
Oh I miss it! We didn't do Maui this year and now the whole family keeps sighing and saying things like, "remember when we saw the stars on Haleakala?" and "Remember that day at Po'olenalena?" and stuff like that. This time of year I can't stop wishing I was in Maui and not here. Someday I'm retiring to Wailea.
Beautiful list and photos. So, wonderful you will have everyone that hasn't already been there on the next plane.
What a wonderful list. I love that gecko path. That would be so cool to have.
I love the heart-shaped papaya!
I love sunrise!
I love all the pics!!

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