Thursday, March 29, 2007


Thursday Thirteen and Gratitude

In just SIX more posts, Who's Yo Mama blog will hit a mile marker: she will have 300 posts under her belt! And I plan to throw a rousing, fun Birthday Party for her because she deserves it! Who's Yo Mama is my senior blog, and the one who taught me the most lessons about blogging, commenting, templates, html, online friendships,and all the other stuff which goes into the steep blog learning curve which every blogger worth their salt eventually learns.

Today I'll like to focus this 24th Thursday Thirteen on things I'm grateful for:

1. I'm grateful for supportive family, friends, environment, and my cat.

2. I'm grateful for my comfortable, lovely home.

3. I'm grateful to live in the Paradise called Maui.

4. I'm grateful for the good health of my beloveds and myself.
5. I'm grateful I live in a tropical environment.

6. I'm grateful for the nearby ocean and that I get to play in it all year round.

7. I'm grateful that whales and dolphins still inhabit these ocean waters.
8. I'm grateful for high speed internet.
9. I'm grateful I perceive beauty everywhere.

10. I'm grateful for delicious, organic food and large, abundantfruit from our land.

11. I'm grateful for memes like Thursday Thirteen which connect me to others.
12. I'm grateful that I can self-publish my art, thoughts, photographs, and prose on blogs.
13. I'm grateful to be alive at this momentous time in history and to witness the Shift of the Ages.

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Great T13 list for this week!! you have indeed so much to be grateful for!!! you have a pretty amazing life!!!
Very nice list, thanks for posting.

What absolutely gorgeous pictures. Honestly, they made me want to cry...I've never been to maui but I see it really is a paradise.
You are a lucky girl to live in Maui. I had the pleasure to visit years ago when I was young and thin and tan! Thanks for visiting!
Those pictures are wonderful, and you have much for which to be grateful! I'm grateful that you shared your world with us. I'll probably never get to see Hawaii, but with high speed internet, I can experience it vicariously! I'm grateful for that.
I love your list - congrats on reaching the 300 posts milestone. I'm onto post 60 and that seems like an accomplishment. You do live in an earthly paradise - thanks for sharing and thank you for your visit to my site.

I am grateful that TT has increased my exposure to include wonderful people like you!

Have a great weekend, XINE
What a wonderful TT!
Great pictures! It must be wonderful to live in paradise.
Congratulations on your upcoming milestone of 300!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
I think I am jealous of this whole Hawaii thing! How lucky can you get?! You do have a lot to be grateful for, and thank you for sharing them with us. We should all pause and reflect on how much we are blessed.
Congratulations on your 300th post! Just discovered your blog and bookmarked it. I don't live on Maui but would love to!
What a gorgeous picture collage that you made! I would love to go to Hawaii soooo badly! I'm with ya on number 13 especially. Nice to meet you! :-)
What a beautiful picture in number 3! I especially like numbers 13 and 6. :-)
Wonderful TT! You are certainly lucky to live in an Maui. I wish my Beautiful Island could be an Island Paradise like yours.
Good idea for T13 , you have great photos!
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