Monday, March 19, 2007


Taking It Easy On Maui

Photo: Charles Pfeil

More often than not when I read the news about the trials and tribulations of people living elsewhere in the world, I shudder thinking about their situations. Quite apart from current hellish locations such as Darfur, Iraq, North Korea, and Haiti to name only a few, I instantly loose my wander-lust when I consider the stranded travelers at the airports in the Northeast either stuck inside airports or on airplanes on the tarmac unable to move from their seats for many long hours.

Neither do I long to be in a throng of war protestors battling with opposition protestors and the police. No, I'm content to be right here on Maui, even with my "funny tummy", a 'bug' which is getting passed around on Maui and which supposedly ( and hopefully) only lasts 24 hours. I have enormous respect for all the courageous people out there on the front lines working for positive social change, eradication of poverty, disease, and crime. Ordinary people (hah! Is there really such a thing?!) are stepping up to the plate and stepping forth to contribute their best efforts. My heart beats faster when I read the amazing stories or watch people interviewed on the news. I've often mentioned men and women whom I respect in this blog, and Tyra Banks is one I've recently become more aware of and have become an admirer of for her courage and daring topics she explores on her daytime talk show:

Tyra Banks
is leading the way and teaching women there's no need to feel shame for their curves. Her Tyra Banks Show has been nominated for SIX Daytime Emmy Awards, and Tyra's "So What!" campaign is sassy, inspiring and brilliant! Tyra asks daring questions of her guests, and she's pioneering new authentic talk-show territory.

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