Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Spring Has Arrived on Maui...

And I have a BAD Case of Spring Fever! Who wants to be indoors when there is so much natural, blooming beauty outdoors? Here are some recent photos (with explanatory captions) which I shot this week on Maui. Now don't you want to fly on over and take Spring Break here?

The sure sign Maui Spring is here is when the jacaranda trees begin to bloom.

Check out the luscious color of these blooms!

And the plumeria flowers are back again too!

I saved the best for last! Gardenia's are challenging to grow in South Maui, but on a tip from my hairdresser who claims her gardenias flourish in South Maui, I added some sand to my soil for my ONE gardenia plant. This plant was thriving UNTIL the heavy winds rocked it, and this poor plant nearly kicked the bucket. However, with my nurturing, it has survived and now it has bloomed again! Life is Good!

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I would love to visit Maui again. It's such a beautiful island. Beautiful pictures, by the way. Thanks for sharing.
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