Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The Not-So-Simple Life of Maui

Artwork titled "How Fragile We Are" courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

Many people seem to think that living on Maui or in the Hawaiian Islands is the pot at the end of the rainbow---the promised land--the land of milk and honey. Well, I'm sure sad to bust their bubbles, but truth be told, Maui is a microcosm of what goes on elsewhere in the world for we too have our share of crime, corruption, challenges, and discord. And sometimes I feel that this discord is even more exaggerated in the Islands because the shining ocean is like a mirror reflecting back the thoughts and emotions of those living here.

One of the greatest problems facing Maui in particular is the lack of employees. I've written about this before, and the situation isn't improving. Because of lack of affordable housing and the high price of essentials such as gas, food, and services, people don't stay here. They move away. The employers have a challenging time keeping the employees who remain as well, because the employees are lured away by others who pay better...and who can blame the employees for wanting more money? I don't forsee the employee crisis changing anytime soon, unless there's a mighty big shift in the price of real estate and/or affordable housing becomes available.

Of course, even more young people are confused what life is like on Maui due to the controversial Maui Fever show on MTV. So many (especially young people) have taken outraged sides about whether this show truly represents the young people of Lahaina. Life on Maui can get pretty feverish alright. Was there ever a simple time here I wonder?

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I have lived on Maui three times. The love of the beauty of the island is what called to me . The first time was in 1970. The island was pristine and the energy was so calming to me. 1981 I moved to Maui and yes ,sad to say ,the price of paradise has always been that of a "greedy" quality.People set the prices ,and people are responsible for the sad sad state of a once... jewel of an island.I beleive the lenders and the real estate people and their lust of money are mostly responsible for this.The natives have also disrespected the island by contributing to the garbage that shows up on the beaches. It is not the tourists fault for all of it. Aloha spirit? is on the decline.How very sad, there must be a shift in the attitude of all of us to create the aloha spirit that was Hawaii. Basha
Well, there is an employee crisis..I believe that more people would stay if the housing market was not so high. No one wants to leave Maui but the sad fact is a lot of people are leaving and a lot of local families, which saddens me. Hope I get to stay around?
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