Friday, March 30, 2007


Maui Participates In Great American Cleanup

Photo: Charles Pfeil

I read an article in this week's Maui Weekly newspaper titled, "The Great American Cleanup", and I thought to myself,"What a great project!" So I decided to post about this project for those that might not have heard about it and to bring more attention to this worthy project.

The Great American Cleanup is a project of the Keep America Beautiful Organization. Executive director Jan Dapitan runs the Maui Community Work Day Program called "Hapai Ia Ka Hana Malama Aina."

Keep America Beautiful is a nation- wide volunteer-based community action and education program. Around 2.5 million people are expected to volunteer their time this year to beautify, clean, and improve their existing communities. On Maui there were 994 volunteers in 2006 who worked on "native plant restoration, beach maintenance, access clearing, roadside rubbish removal and much more." The program will continue through May 31st, and should someone wish to volunteer, just click on the link I provided above to reach Jan. You can also support the proposed bill for the Establishment of an Environmental Court.

Having seen how much litter can frequently accumulate on beaches and by the roadside either through accidents or negligence, I'm happy to know there are so many dedicated volunteers working to keep Maui the Pristine Paradise it should truly be.

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Thanks for posting about the Great American Cleanup - am so glad there are so many people on Maui who are volunteering to work to keep it beautiful.
Good to hear about this effort. Frankly overall the environmental news is so disturbing lately . It seems as though lots of people care, but persons in high places who could make the most difference seem to care more about their political careers or short term financial gain than the larger world.

Sure wish I knew how to fix that!
The organization I work with also participates in this activity for 6 years going I believe....great program!
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