Saturday, March 31, 2007


Massage On Maui

What does everyone want to do the FIRST thing they arrive on Maui? My bet (from what I've experienced by watching others) is to hit the beach and dive into the inviting BLUE water. What is the second thing most people want to do? Get a massage!

Since Maui has MANY awesome masseurs and masseuses, there are plenty of options. Most of the resorts have spas plus there are lots of phone numbers for massage in the yellow pages... and you can often get a massage at various shopping malls in a special upright massage chair!

Why am I talking massages? Because I received one today from my favorite masseuse Stacy whom I happen to think is the BEST! She gives a delicious hot rock massage for an hour and a half which combines a little lomi lomi, Swedish, Thai, cranial sacral, and accupressure. Receiving a massage from her is my favorite treat at the end of a long work week.

I'm going to go relax some more now. Have a beautiful weekend, and if you can, get a massage. Your body will thank you!

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Does Stacy take new clients?? I have been looking for someone who can do cranial sacral - besides my cousin because she is in California and I'm in Maui.
Yes Maui has a great number of massage therapists...some better than others. Stacy is one of my favorites as well!
Do any of the major resorts match-up to someone like Stacy? For my money, the Grand Wailea offers a fantastic spa experience, but would love to know if I should direct our readers to somewhere different on Maui. Thanks!
Stone Girl: I went to your Yahoo 360 Blog but was unable to make a comment because I'm not a member of the Yahoo blog group. So I'm leaving a message for you here in case you come back: email me, and i'll give you the info!
Will do. Thanks!
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