Friday, March 02, 2007


Leon Russell Rocks Maui In Concert at the MACC

We rocked out last evening with rock 'n roll icon Leon Russell and his band at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. The house was packed, and people couldn't stay seated--they were dancing in the aisles. This is the first time we've caught his act live. My partner has been enjoying Russell's latest Angels In Disguise CD, but a CD is no match for a live performance. Watching the audience go nuts to the music was way too much fun! The mild-mannered security guards had their hands full with people flying through the air in ballet leaps down the center aisles. The right front side aisle near our seats was packed with bouncing, dancing bodies.

Russell sang some of his famous songs: "Hummingbird" and "A Song For You" and finished with a rousing Jerry Lee Lewis anthem, "Great Balls Of Fire". For those that don't know this rock legend, Russell has played on, produced, and arranged some of the most successful rock and roll records, and he's been performing since he was just a young boy. Here's the link to his own record label: Leon Russell Records.

Russell began the evening's performance in white suit and cowboy hat which complimented his signature long white hair and beard. After heating up, he took off his jacket to reveal an aloha shirt which endeared him even more to his Hawaiian audience. A collective sigh went through the crowd, and I heard murmured voices saying, "That's a Tommy Bahamas shirt!!"

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Great blog, great photos of Leon.
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