Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm participating in World Shutdown Day!

Tomorrow--March 24th--is the first ever Shutdown Day.

Organized by Shutdownday.Org, the concept is to NOT use your computer for a whole day! Advertised as one of the "biggest global experiments ever to take place on the Internet", what will happen when no one updates their blogs, answers their emails, and turns their backs on their computers? Can news junkies revert to a paper newspaper? If you click on the Shutdown website, you will see the folks have already begun their computer hiatus as there is a message which reads, "Just popped out to the real world. Be back in 1241 minutes." They are obviously in a different time zone than me on Maui.

However, I plan to participate! Being an avid blogger (and dare I admit-- possibly a blog addict) I have been affectionately titled the "Blog Queen" by my partner. With way too many blogs for my own sanity, this experiment will be a huge accomplishment for me if I can manage to keep my compulsive fingers off the computer keyboard.

What will I do? I'll probably soak up some rays on the beach and swim, read a book from one of my large pile of books, meditate, exercise, and remember what my life was like before I became a computer addict.

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This should be interesting. I am on the computer so I guess I have already missed the boat. Anyway I was at your other blog and read about this day off.
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Well, should I or should I not blog (commment here) under the circumstances. You aren't the only addict!!
Ha! It seems I've already failed!
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