Monday, March 26, 2007


Breakfast at Grandmas

Remember when you were a kid and your grandma seemed really old and never seemed to grow THAT much older to you, and she stayed perpetually old? Maybe you didn't have the same perception of your grandmother's as I did, but that's the way I remember mine. Which brings me to Grandma's Coffee Shop on Maui.

As long as I've lived here (over 15 years now), Grandma's Coffee Shop looks pretty much the same! Sure, they've added a little deck, but other than that, it's the same old, funky coffee shop which you fall in love with for it's great organic coffee and good food. Grandma's changes so little, and this is why I love to visit--it's so reassuring, comfortable, and familiar. Since Grandma's isn't anywhere close to where I live, I drove up the back roads and took a shortcut from South Maui this past Sunday to grab some of Grandma's great coffee and snack before heading over to brunch with friends at Le Provence Restaurant in Kula (also upcountry Maui).

Grandma's has been roasting and blending organic coffee since 1918. If you surf to the website, you will see the coffee they grow. But even more than the coffee, ambience, and food, I love Grandma's because she never grows any older-- she stays the same, and this stability makes me feel really, really good.

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Great place, Great coffee!
I can close my eyes and transport myself with your words and images. It's nice to leave the gray of my home behind for a bit! Thanks!
I love Grandma's Coffee! I've been to Maui about 20 times now (would love to live there, hence the name I chose for my blog identity) and we always go to Grandma's whenever we're there. So glad I found your blog! It will remind me of Maui when I'm not there!
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