Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Where's OUR Momma?

I couldn't resist the urge to title this post "Where's OUR Momma?" to accompany the cute photos of a little girl running around searching for her Momma after leaving the ocean. She had that LOST look. Right after snapping these photos, she happily found her Momma. So not to worry! I could identify with this wee one because I've been feeling a whole lot lost myself, and I could use some comforting by a Mother. I think we ALL can identify.

Call it information overload... the lightning speed of these changing times... the foreboding sense something big is happening (perhaps war escalation).... the immense climate changes...the increasingly dire, crazy news reports...or maybe it's a combination of ALL of these mentioned.

Everyone is seeking solutions. We are turning towards our leaders and wisdom keepers to show us the way and give us guidance. We are turning within to commune with the 'Presence' by whatever name we call it. We are looking for reassurance that ALL WILL BE WELL. We are seeking, praying for, and actively working for a better tomorrow. We're no longer in our comfort zones--any of us! And we know it!

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That is a nice catch. I wish I could see the moment she found her Mom.Good job my friend.
Sometimes we all feel lost, but how can we enjoy being found without getting lost?
Oh, I see you live there! Remember the song "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child?" Our world is becomming more and more alien-like.
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