Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentine's Day With Warmth

Photo: Charles Pfeil

I emailed and spoke with friends and family today on the Mainland who are experiencing more snowfall, freezing weather, and one of the worst winters on record. Some of these friends are stuck in their homes. These conversations reminded me why I love Maui so much: the warm weather! I get cold when the temperature drops down to 60 degrees now! Actually, the temperature at this time of the year is nearly perfect for this Goldilocks--not too hot, not too cold.

Of course, most people stuck in the harsh winter weather are dreaming of a vacation to our Islands or some other warm, sunny place right now. Who could blame them? Apparently lots of folks had this idea and have acted on it as the Island is super busy right now. The pale snowbirds have flocked here. They are easily recognizable.

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Funny post and photo.
Love the true it is
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