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Thirteen Recent Discoveries

I am by nature a curious cat. Thus, I am always discovering new things. Here's some of my past week's discoveries which I think are fabulous, or at the very least, interesting.

1. Yotel

At last-- two affordable, luxury hotels will open in Spring, 2007 at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. They are billed as "the world's most radical hotel." I like the idea of booking a room for a long, layover right at the airports! I hope this concept hotel works, and the idea spreads to many airports.

2. I have previously tried Pandora, and now I have downloaded this one which is somewhat similar. I am busy test-driving it now.

3. Sonific This program allows you to choose music to download on your blogs, so I'm trying it out on one of my blogs: Moonlight Becomes Me. Having asked the opinion of various friends about the choice of song and whether they like music to begin downloading on a website, I have received mixed reviews thus far. I was hoping to achieve a mystical vibe by adding the music. What do you think/feel?

4. Mozy This company offers a free back-up of your computer files. However, I'm not having much success with it because my files are too big, and thus, if I want to back-up, I'll have to pay a monthly fee. Thus, I've been busy deleting useless, old files, but alas--still too many files! Grrrrrrr....

5. The Story of Tibet--Conversations with the Dalai Lama by Thomas Laird. This book was recommended by his proud mother. Inside the book flap, it reads, "Over the course of three years, journalist Thomas Laird spent more than sixty hours with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in candid, one-on-one interviews in Dharmasala, India. They discussed His Holiness's lifelong study of Buddhism and his beliefs on history, science, and reincarnation. Through these conversations, Laird and the Dalai Lama laid the cornerstones of a popular history of Tibet, something that has not been done with a Dalai Lama since the 1600's." This looks to be an amazing book and one I can't wait to dive into.

6. LiverClear The Journal of Health & Longevity arrived in the mail advertising this product. On the front, it reads, "It's the single most powerful, protective shield you can offer your liver in a toxic, polluted world." Reading further, I am convinced I need this product and need to give my liver more love.

7. Whitepod These are small geodesic dome pods in the Swiss Alps available in winter and summer. They look like a great adventure!

8. In Repose

This is what they write: "In Repose means “state of being at peace” is the most comprehensive online resource for recording, sharing and updating one’s last wishes.

In Repose eases the burden of end-of-life planning by providing a means to record important information about loved ones, such as: Where is the will? What kind of funeral do I want? Where are the financial documents? Who will take care of the pets?

The site also offers an elegant environment for memorials and excellent spiritual resources and discussion boards for end-of-life planning. Unlike other point sites that charge high fees, In Repose offers an easy-to-use place for memorial pages, obituaries, last wishes records and spiritual/cultural resources at an affordable cost. ($12.95/year for an advanced last wishes subscription and $9.95/year for an advanced memorial subscription.) I've explored this site, and I feel it's a well-done, beautifully packaged resource. There is a Barbaro memorial there which touched me.

9. Slide

Actually I discovered this site last week, and I'm still using it to organize my MANY photos into multiple slide shows. Slide offers many different styles of slide shows, and it's been fun, but LOTS OF HARD WORK to gather these slide shows together. I'm nowhere close to finishing with this project. I still have tons of photos to scan into the computer as well. Sigh.

10. Dancing In The Rain

Actually this is a re-discovery, but one I haven't done in a long time. Since I live in Hawaii, the rain isn't too cold, and sometimes the sun will shine as the rain falls as it happened to me when I was enjoying the beautiful downpour.

11. Turiya Nada--Cave of the Siddhars is a CD recommended to me by a friend. It can be ordered through It is "powerful, transforming music--mystical Siddhar chants & the magic of the didgeridoo!". On the backcover, it is written that it callibrates between 1,000 and above using the David Hawkins scale which means it's supremely healing.

12. Slashdot offers the best nerd news if you're inclined to that kind of thing.

13. Shelfari is a discovery I haven't implemented yet as I have too much other stuff on my plate which is overflowing on the table. However, I plan to! If you haven't clicked on the link yet, here is what it is: a virtual bookshelf to show off your books, talk to others about books, etc. And it's all free which is great for me!

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What neat links! You always have cool stuff up on THursdays! Thank for participating
very cool list! I bookmarked several - esp. which I'd heard of before but hadn't had a chance to check out yet -- thanks for sharing all this neat stuff!!! happy TT :)
I am so joining Shelfari.
Thanks for the links.
Happy Thursday
Great list! I'm going to give some of these sites a good look through--I'm really interested in the slide link so far. Thanks for posting them--

Hum, I'll have to be sure to check some of those things out.

Happy TT!
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