Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thirteen Hawaiian Things

Today I'm going to share with you Thirteen Things about Hawaii. The first four come from The Hawaii Directory. You can find their link on my sidebar if you want to look again for these first four. They're a great resource for Hawaiian information.

1. Hawaii Word Of The Day: lanai meaning porch or veranda

2. Hawaii Phrase Of The Day: E waiho i ko kaua mau lole lepo i ka mikini holoi

3. Hawaii Fact of The Day: The Big Island is twice the size of all the other Hawaii Island combined.

4. Hawaii Website Of The Day: Hale Kai, a Hawaiian Bed & Breakfast

5. Hawaii temperature Of The Day:
(taken from the thermometer outside by door): 80 degrees!

6. Hawaii Photo Of The Day: Taken by me!
I took this photo many years ago from a hiking trail in the Polipoli Forest. You are looking at the peak of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. This island lies across a deep channel, but the view from the top of Polipoli is amazing. Sadly over 2000 acres of this gorgeous forest was destroyed in the recent forest fire in this area.

7. Another Vintage Photo Of The Day Taken By Me:

Our group looks tiny compared to the waterfall. The waterfall pool is very cold
and invigorating. We swam to a ledge underneath for our photo op. Notice the small rainbow created from the spray?

8. Ok....if you insist, yet another photo! How can I say no to you?

9. Hawaii Book Of The Day:
Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii...Stories of Aloha to Create Paradise Wherever You Are

10. Headline of the Day from the Maui News: "Superferry EIS bill advances in state House."

11. Hawaii View Outside My Window: cloudy and ready to rain

12. Hawaii Vibe Of The Day: mellow

13. Hawaii Wish Of The Day: more whales! There's not so many this year.

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Sigh. You sure you don't want some of our snow?

Thanks for the virtual vacation, anyway.

Oh, and your link on the T13 page has an extra "ma" in it. You may need to repost your comment.
I love your Thursday 13! Your pictures are stunning. Some day I will make it there. : )

Wowie Wow! What gorgeous pictures, and such interesting reading, too. :)

Happy TT, and thank you for visiting my blog!
I love the photos you posted, esp. the first one. I would love to read the book you listed too. Thanks for sharing. ITs in the teens here in NY and there is 3 feet of snow outside my window. Happy TT.
Happy Thursday! I'm stopping by as part of the Meet 'n' Greet. Hawaii is somewhere I've always wanted to go so it was fun to learn a few new things about it and see your gorgeous photos! Wow - 80 degrees. I'm jealous. It's not as cold here in NC as it is in some other states but, wow, would I love for it to warm up! I'm originally from FL so 80 degree weather is definitely more my thing than 20s and 30s!!

I hope you're having a nice evening!
Wow, I'd love to visit Hawaii! What does the phrase of the day mean?
Thanks for visiting my TT about support!
Thanks for the vacation.
I loved the pictures.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit to mine.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
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