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Thirteen Card Readings For The Day

Through the years, I have accumulated many oracle/divination card decks, runes, and other such tools either through my own purchase or gifted by others. Even though I don't utilize these tools to receive insights and answers everyday, I treasure their wisdom. In general, I prefer to seek my answers by going within, but when I do pull a card or make a spread, I pay attention to the message. There are zero accidents. I thought it'd be fun to share some of the highlights from my decks and messages with you today.

1. The Har-money Deck Tip: you can pick one online through the link! Here's mine:

"I Am Powerfully Silent. When you tell others of the dreams that are closest to your heart, it dissipates your energy. Stay silent and inwardly focused and your secrets will become magic in motion."

"2. "Truth...tell the truth. Integrity is the key to living an authentic life." The truth is I lost the box cover, and now I don't know who to credit these gorgeous cards.

3. Quite a few years ago I had a great opportunity to study with Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry, and she made her own deck. These wonderful cards with Hawaiian words and wisdom speak truth to me although they were never officially published. Today's card is:

"Pu'uwai Mele--Heart Song, Heart, Emotional Center
As the center for emotions, the pu'uwai is accustomed to running with the powerful forces of love or fear (Pono or pilikia) that lighten or burden the heart, creating conditions affecting the body, mind and others with good or bad results. Choose not to follow the emotions of a foolish or blinded heart bent on pilikia."

4. Buddha Tarot cards by Robert M. Place

"Seven of Double Vajras--This card depicts the Varada mudra, the hand gesture that represents compassion, charity, and giving. At the bottom of the card we find three pots containing the gifts of Ratnasambhava: wealth, health, and sustenance and strength. These gifts are designed to soothe our pains in this world."

5. The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth (one of my most cherished decks!)

"Mikle a Muckle--Everyday blessings. Play. Mixed blessings.

Lighten up! What is needed here is the benefit of a child-like, trusting heart and childlike wisdom, seeing directly into the true nature of things. Don't complicate matters. What you see is what you get. Don't look for hidden and subtle meanings and motivations because they are not there in this case. Go to the heart of the matter, the simple core hidden behind complexities. Don't be so caught up in thinking about the future that you can't see what is happening now. Welcome adventure into your life. Try something you've never done before. And take some time to play with Mikle before you turn into a grumpy glumph or a worn-out wurg."

6. Mana Cards by Catherine Kalama Becker and Doya Nardin


Lehua is associated with birth and death, attraction and expertise.

As you undergo initiation, you begin to build competence and confidence. Ignore those voices from behind, the ones that try to convince you to see yourself as you were, rather than as you are. You are prepared. Go forward and do not look back! Eventually you will make the transition from the initiate to the initiator. An initiator is one who is responsible for teaching others. As you undergo transition, give thanks to your teachers, and their wisdom will continue to spring forth as you blossom."

7. Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams This card deck is from Native American teachings.

"Give-Away Ceremony--The Give-Away card spells relief through release. Don't get stuck holding on to anything that no longer serves you. Associates, ideas, habits, and belonging may need to go at this time. Attachment to attitudes like needing to be needed or liked may no longer serve either. You are being asked to share what you can, give away something that can help someone else, or just let go. Don't hold on so tight. The natural flow of life is squelched when you insist on total control."

8.The Power Deck by Lynn Andrews and Rob Schouten:

"Focus--Much of what you see in life is an agreement that something is in fact true. To develop power, focus on one aspect of your life. This could be your career, a sport, or some endeavor that you have a passion about. Become an expert. In the process of becoming an expert, you fine-tune your whole being. You collect the important parts of yourself, and you begin to live the life of a warrior. Rid yourself of attitudes that are not essential to your task. Collect your energy and focus your power on wondrous and magical acts: let the shell of your subconsciousness rise out of the ocean of your subconscious mind. It's just a matter of focus."

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

"Dream Big...Let go of small thoughts about yourself! See yourself succeeding."

10. Healing With The Faeries by Doreen Virtue

"Parenting and children--This card may also signal that a new family member is coming into your life. This could mean a new child or a new family member by marriage. It could also signify the return of a family member with whom you've lost contact. These changes come to you on heaven's wings, meaning that you are safe, protected, and will derive enjoyment from them."

11. Rune for the day: Kenaz (interpreted by Lisa Peschel from her book "A Personal Guide to The Runes")

"This rune represents strengths, energy, and power. Like Uruz, it is a significator of vigorous good health and strong powers of recuperation. Kenaz is one of the most helpful runes that can arise when you are experiencing problems of any sort. Upright, it is a protective sign,indicating an upcoming respite from worries and a time when trails will be few and easily manageable. This rune can herald a time of opening up, of good things coming into your life."

12. Meditative Magic--The Pleiadean Glyphs by Judith Diana Winston

"Mir--Prosperity: The Blending of Earthly & Spiritual Experience.

With Mir, we are asked to expand the traditional perception of Prosperity, which is generally associated solely with money matters. The guides suggest that we begin to understand Propserity wholistically, as it pertains to the entire organism. This concept applies to individuals as well as all groups that have a structure, such as a business, nation, or even a planet."

13. The Lakota Sweat Lodge cards by Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer and Helene Sarkis

The Mole:

"This is the point at which to examine your life, detach your interests from the ways of the past, and re-create your Self. You are the guardian of your Self. Come up above ground into the light. Live in the present by incorporating your knowledge and vision of past and future. Each new moment is an opportunity to awaken to Self and burrow deeper into Earth's goodness. You have the power to heal your life and create yourself anew in any moment. Listen to the messages you receive from above guiding you toward the whole healing of your body, mind and soul."

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what a cool list..Thanks for giving examples..My 13 is up as well. Nice blog as well
What a neat list! Thanks for all the links.
I love your blog. What an awesome list!
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