Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Indian Surrogate Mothers Grow In Popularity

Like most people, I have be disturbed by 'outsourcing' and wondered where it's going to end. Then yesterday I read a news article at MSNBC online titled, "Rent-a-womb trend fuels debate". Hold it just one moment! Aren't we going a bit too far with this outsourcing when we rent a woman's womb to carry babies? This reminded me of a sci fi movie I saw last year. From this article, a quote: "We must not promote surrogacy as a trade." I couldn't agree more.

At the same time I empathize and understand with childless couples faced with a huge surrogate expense! Compare the price (quoted in the above article) of $50,000 compared to $10-12,000. Reading the article is heartbreaking because the Indian women badly need the money. Their bodies are being used, and because of the cultural attitudes towards sex and procreation, these women lie about the baby they are carrying to their family and friends. This can't be promote wellbeing for the baby they are carrying. It has been documented that the child within records everything going on. Another quote from one of these surrogate mothers, "It's a lie we have to tell, otherwise how can we earn this much money?...A lie told for a good cause is not a sin."

What are your thoughts/feelings about this debate?

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Wow this is a really tough issue. As someone who is struggling with trying to concieve, I can't judge any woman who chooses this route to get a baby.

On the otherhand, how painful for the surogates and their families. A true dilema if your family is poor.

I guess I don't have an opinion. Just a wish that women in this country would consider adoption before abortion so that more babies would be available here in the US for the families just waiting to love a child.
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