Monday, February 12, 2007


Flying Around Maui

The winter months are the months when snowbirds (tourists) bring more traffic to the roadways of Maui, but no one can complain too much as the traffic here is way more manageable than the traffic in parts of Kauai or the freeways of Oahu. However, there are times I dream of zipping around the island with no traffic.

And then I saw a video with the way to make my dream come true and to many people's prayers when they're stuck in traffic: a flying motorcycle patented by a Texas man. Click here for the video. The cost of these sky motorcycles isn't prohibitive--they are supposedly safe---and you can fold the whole thing up! Sweet! Production is supposed to begin this year. We are entering the world of the "Jetsons" one invention at a time.

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Nice Pic and Video!!
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Luna from Spain
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