Monday, February 05, 2007


Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes In Beach & Life

Yesterday was my established Sunday Beach-Day with my daughter at our favorite nearby beach. We hadn't gone in several Sundays because of bad weather, and so we were totally shocked to see most of our beach washed away! Probably two-thirds of the sand had vanished, and instead there were lots of rocks and some mysterious cement blocks. We were most curious about the cement blocks (you can see them in the foreground of the above photo). Were they under the water where we once swam? We don't recall any huge concrete blocks like this! Or did they wash up from the bad storm? Most mystifying.

Because so much of the sand had disappeared, everyone was lined-up next to one another on the beach which made it more cozy I guess you could say. I was happy it was Super Bowl Sunday, or else all the people at Super Bowl parties would have been at the beach, and we would be right on top of one another. I wonder if the nearby hotel is going to bring in more sand, or does sand just eventually return on its own?

Speaking of changes, I have been following in the news the increasingly hot debate about global warming. I watched some authorities and scientists debate this last week on Larry King. Fore more information on this subject, click here. And if you go to the bottom of the Wiki page, there is a link to another interesting page titled "Environmental skepticism".

Now add in the group who call themselves "Climate Change Skeptics" (click here for the link), and one begins to have a spinning head full of questions. Does anyone know....really?! We have many theories, speculations, and statistics coming at us from convincing sources.

If the Global Warming people end up being correct, the beach may eventually reach all the way to my home several blocks away. Or we may even be under water. Or none of this encroaching water will happen in the future, and the natural coming and going of beaches will continue, and my grandchildren will play on this same beach.

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Those blocks are strange! Weird!

My husband and I honeymooned on Maui back in the 90's. Lovely island! I hope to go back some day.
Could the cement blocks been buried under the sand for a long time and the storm striped the sand to expose the blocks left underneath? Just a random thought. As far as global warming goes this weekend I am going to watch Al Gore's movie, but have watched a lot of specials about it. I believe it was Time magazine had posted global warming warnings with devastating effects back in the early 80's. This is nothing new. I do not agree 100 percent but understand natural earth cycles. Critics say natural earth cycles effect the weather not man made factors. One point for certain there are many grants for research on environmental factors with a lot of funding going towards research, and critics say there is alot of negative hype and fear motivators along with the movement that promote products for profit and personal gain under the guise of the environment. I heard recently the hybrid cars produce battery gases far more damaging than regular cars...hey I am all about hybrids and getting off f. oil but as a smart environmental person, it is always important to look beyond the hype and see the motives of all industry , even the environmental ones!
I'm so jealous! I will be in Maui for my wedding in 2 months and I'm dying counting down the days!
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