Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Where's OUR Momma?

I couldn't resist the urge to title this post "Where's OUR Momma?" to accompany the cute photos of a little girl running around searching for her Momma after leaving the ocean. She had that LOST look. Right after snapping these photos, she happily found her Momma. So not to worry! I could identify with this wee one because I've been feeling a whole lot lost myself, and I could use some comforting by a Mother. I think we ALL can identify.

Call it information overload... the lightning speed of these changing times... the foreboding sense something big is happening (perhaps war escalation).... the immense climate changes...the increasingly dire, crazy news reports...or maybe it's a combination of ALL of these mentioned.

Everyone is seeking solutions. We are turning towards our leaders and wisdom keepers to show us the way and give us guidance. We are turning within to commune with the 'Presence' by whatever name we call it. We are looking for reassurance that ALL WILL BE WELL. We are seeking, praying for, and actively working for a better tomorrow. We're no longer in our comfort zones--any of us! And we know it!

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Friday, February 23, 2007


Environmental Leaders Series On Maui

Artwork courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

Last week Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched a series of lectures about climate change here on Maui. Unfortunately, we had other plans, and we missed his presentation. The next environmental advocate to speak will be David Suzuki, the famous environmental activist and host of the award-winning television series "The Nature of Things." He will speak at the MACC on March 14th, and this time we'll be in the audience. If you'd like to know more about him, here's the link to his organization.

Other speakers in the series will be James Howard Kunstler, Terry Tamminen, and Christine Ervin.

And here's the link to a funny YouTube video with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who interviews the comedian Martin Short playing an oil lobbyist.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Thirteen Current TV Shows I DVR

My favorite way to watch television is without commercials, and thus, the best invention since the internet is the Digital Video Recorder. Once you have one, you become hooked. Here are my current thirteen favorite television shows:

1. Boston Legal
2. Lost
3. Oprah
4. Tyra
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Brothers & Sisters
7. Studio 60
8. Medium
9. Grey's Anatomy
10. Las Vegas
11. Inside Edition
12. Dateline NBC
13. Entertainment Tonight

Bye Bye Thursday Thirteen! I'll miss ya unless someone else picks you up.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A Tribute To My Daughter A Day After Her Birthday

It was my beloved daughter's birthday yesterday, a very big day for me. She is one of my heroes! When she was a week old, she contracted spinal meningitis, and the doctors didn't give my husband and me ANY hope that she would survive--and should she survive by a miracle, she would most likely be a "vegetable" for the rest of her life. Thank Goodness doctors aren't always right!

These very same doctors eventually concurred she was a "miracle baby", and she has not only survived through the years--she has thrived! I Thank God every day of my life for allowing her to be in my life. Genvieve has grown healthy, loving, kind, SMART, wise, astute, beautiful both inside and out, responsible, giving, and is a BRIGHT LIGHT to all who know her. Being a Mother to her has been hands down the BEST thing that has ever happened to me!

Talk about being a child and animal magnet! It never ceases to amaze me how babies and children gravitate to her. Same thing for animals! They make a dash for her! She sends out such a Love Vibe Signal that the innocent ones recognize! She is a patient teacher who is beloved by her students. They called her yesterday to wish her Happy Birthday, and one by one, they each shared their praise and love for her.

We're having a three-day (or who knows...maybe more!) Birthday Celebration for her! And tonight we're going to celebrate some more. We need to appreciate, celebrate and cherish our beloveds as much as we can the way I see it!

Happy Birthday Genvieve One Mo' Time!! YOU ARE LOVED!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig

Chinese New Year is BIG on Maui as we have many Orientals living here, and Chinese New Year events are taking place all over the Island. Our family always participates by placing dollars in little red envelopes-- then feeding these envelopes into the mouth of the undulating, dancing dragon made of silk, paper, and bamboo. This ritual ensures good fortune for the coming year so the tradition goes. 2007 is the GOLDEN FIRE PIG year.

Here are some great links and articles if you would like to learn more about Chinese New Year:

Fire Pig

Chinese New Year--Wiki

Chinese New Year

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Monday, February 19, 2007


Will biodiesel be the solution to Maui's energy needs?

Photo: Charles Pfeil

The front page article on the February 18th Sunday Maui News couldn't be missed because of the giant headline which read, "$61 million project a start to ending use of petroleum". With our ridiculously high gas prices on Maui, who wouldn't be reading this announcement?! This new project scheduled to begin in 2009, a collaboration between Hawaiian Electric Co. and BlueEarth Biofuels LLC, has impressive intentions: "While MECO President Ed Reinhardt said the goal is to get all of the company's Maalaea generators off petroleum, Mayor Charmaine Tavares noted her call at her inauguration to diversify the county's economy."

The BlueEarth plan is to burn imported palm oil, but there are other potential crops which could be used for fuel: jatropha trees, kukui, algae, flax, castor beans, jojoba, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, and coconut. Pacific Biodiesel has been refining alternative fuel on Maui for many years, and in another article in the Maui News, Kelly King, the marketing director of Pacific Biodiesel, questions "the wisdom of using palm oil as an industrial fuel." The downside to using palm oil is that tropical rain forests are being cut down for oil plantations. And will the growers on plantations in tropical parts of Africa, Asia, South America, and Malaysia practice sustainable palm production? Pacific Biodiesel is also exploring expansion with a possible "5-million-gallon plant on the Big Island, along with expansion of their Maui and Oahu refineries.

A recent front-page article in the Maui Time Weekly titled "Potential Energy" by reporter Rob Parsons is also an excellent read about what's going on to make Maui more fuel efficient. The first sentence of this article is an eyebrow raiser, "Hawai'i holds the dubious distinction of being the most petroleum-dependent state in the U.S." The article mentions other possible options besides biofuel. These include "wind, hydro and micro-hydro, wave power, solar photo-voltaic, and of course, an overall reduction in our energy consumption."

I read that George Clooney drives around in Europe in an electric car. We should have these electric cars on Maui too! The Maranello 4 manufactured in Italy is a good city runabout car and perfect for Maui since we can't drive too fast here anyway. If these cars were available, we won't have to wait for these other alternatives to come online.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Maui's Having a Whale of a Celebration

Today is Whale Day on Maui with TWO events taking place, one in South Maui and one in West Maui. Everyone is turning out to celebrate Maui's cetaceans (whales and dolphins) through multiple activities.

In South Maui the Great Maui Whale Festival began on Feb. 10th and ends on Feb. 24th, but today is the big party which includes a Parade of Whales in Kihei and prizes in several categories including "Best Individual Interpretation of the Parade Theme," "Best Group Interpretation of the Parade Theme,", "Best Overall Act or Performance," "Best Musical Act," and "Cutest Keiki." (For those of you who don't know, keiki means child.) There will also be a free concert with some of Hawaii's most popular performers including the Barefoot Natives, John Cruz, Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom, Halau Hula O Wehiwehi 'O Leilehua with Keaolani, O-shen, George Kahumoku Jr., Raiatea Helm and Hawaiian Prime Time. And of course--there will be the requisite craft fair, children's carnival, food booths, a Rubber Ducky race, a stargazing sunset whale cruise, and information booths about the whales. This event is a benefit for marine education programs for Maui's schoolchildren.

And on the end other of Maui in Kapalua, the Whale Quest Kapalua began on Feb. 16th and will extend through the 18th with educational lectures by world-renown researchers, writers and photographers, art and photo exhibits, a charity golf tournament, and morning whale watch boat trips.

Whales are big business on Maui bringing in lots of whale-watching tourists and revenue. Beside this mundane fact, the Humpback Whales which migrate to our warm waters every year from the cold northern waters to mate and calve are beloved by all! A whale captivates everyone who sees one, and an instant love affair with whales is ignited through this meeting and experience. It is really something when you consider Maui used to be THE whaling capital of the Pacific, but look what's happened in such a short period of time--instead of killing whales, we're celebrating whales!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Thirteen Card Readings For The Day

Through the years, I have accumulated many oracle/divination card decks, runes, and other such tools either through my own purchase or gifted by others. Even though I don't utilize these tools to receive insights and answers everyday, I treasure their wisdom. In general, I prefer to seek my answers by going within, but when I do pull a card or make a spread, I pay attention to the message. There are zero accidents. I thought it'd be fun to share some of the highlights from my decks and messages with you today.

1. The Har-money Deck Tip: you can pick one online through the link! Here's mine:

"I Am Powerfully Silent. When you tell others of the dreams that are closest to your heart, it dissipates your energy. Stay silent and inwardly focused and your secrets will become magic in motion."

"2. "Truth...tell the truth. Integrity is the key to living an authentic life." The truth is I lost the box cover, and now I don't know who to credit these gorgeous cards.

3. Quite a few years ago I had a great opportunity to study with Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry, and she made her own deck. These wonderful cards with Hawaiian words and wisdom speak truth to me although they were never officially published. Today's card is:

"Pu'uwai Mele--Heart Song, Heart, Emotional Center
As the center for emotions, the pu'uwai is accustomed to running with the powerful forces of love or fear (Pono or pilikia) that lighten or burden the heart, creating conditions affecting the body, mind and others with good or bad results. Choose not to follow the emotions of a foolish or blinded heart bent on pilikia."

4. Buddha Tarot cards by Robert M. Place

"Seven of Double Vajras--This card depicts the Varada mudra, the hand gesture that represents compassion, charity, and giving. At the bottom of the card we find three pots containing the gifts of Ratnasambhava: wealth, health, and sustenance and strength. These gifts are designed to soothe our pains in this world."

5. The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth (one of my most cherished decks!)

"Mikle a Muckle--Everyday blessings. Play. Mixed blessings.

Lighten up! What is needed here is the benefit of a child-like, trusting heart and childlike wisdom, seeing directly into the true nature of things. Don't complicate matters. What you see is what you get. Don't look for hidden and subtle meanings and motivations because they are not there in this case. Go to the heart of the matter, the simple core hidden behind complexities. Don't be so caught up in thinking about the future that you can't see what is happening now. Welcome adventure into your life. Try something you've never done before. And take some time to play with Mikle before you turn into a grumpy glumph or a worn-out wurg."

6. Mana Cards by Catherine Kalama Becker and Doya Nardin


Lehua is associated with birth and death, attraction and expertise.

As you undergo initiation, you begin to build competence and confidence. Ignore those voices from behind, the ones that try to convince you to see yourself as you were, rather than as you are. You are prepared. Go forward and do not look back! Eventually you will make the transition from the initiate to the initiator. An initiator is one who is responsible for teaching others. As you undergo transition, give thanks to your teachers, and their wisdom will continue to spring forth as you blossom."

7. Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams This card deck is from Native American teachings.

"Give-Away Ceremony--The Give-Away card spells relief through release. Don't get stuck holding on to anything that no longer serves you. Associates, ideas, habits, and belonging may need to go at this time. Attachment to attitudes like needing to be needed or liked may no longer serve either. You are being asked to share what you can, give away something that can help someone else, or just let go. Don't hold on so tight. The natural flow of life is squelched when you insist on total control."

8.The Power Deck by Lynn Andrews and Rob Schouten:

"Focus--Much of what you see in life is an agreement that something is in fact true. To develop power, focus on one aspect of your life. This could be your career, a sport, or some endeavor that you have a passion about. Become an expert. In the process of becoming an expert, you fine-tune your whole being. You collect the important parts of yourself, and you begin to live the life of a warrior. Rid yourself of attitudes that are not essential to your task. Collect your energy and focus your power on wondrous and magical acts: let the shell of your subconsciousness rise out of the ocean of your subconscious mind. It's just a matter of focus."

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

"Dream Big...Let go of small thoughts about yourself! See yourself succeeding."

10. Healing With The Faeries by Doreen Virtue

"Parenting and children--This card may also signal that a new family member is coming into your life. This could mean a new child or a new family member by marriage. It could also signify the return of a family member with whom you've lost contact. These changes come to you on heaven's wings, meaning that you are safe, protected, and will derive enjoyment from them."

11. Rune for the day: Kenaz (interpreted by Lisa Peschel from her book "A Personal Guide to The Runes")

"This rune represents strengths, energy, and power. Like Uruz, it is a significator of vigorous good health and strong powers of recuperation. Kenaz is one of the most helpful runes that can arise when you are experiencing problems of any sort. Upright, it is a protective sign,indicating an upcoming respite from worries and a time when trails will be few and easily manageable. This rune can herald a time of opening up, of good things coming into your life."

12. Meditative Magic--The Pleiadean Glyphs by Judith Diana Winston

"Mir--Prosperity: The Blending of Earthly & Spiritual Experience.

With Mir, we are asked to expand the traditional perception of Prosperity, which is generally associated solely with money matters. The guides suggest that we begin to understand Propserity wholistically, as it pertains to the entire organism. This concept applies to individuals as well as all groups that have a structure, such as a business, nation, or even a planet."

13. The Lakota Sweat Lodge cards by Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer and Helene Sarkis

The Mole:

"This is the point at which to examine your life, detach your interests from the ways of the past, and re-create your Self. You are the guardian of your Self. Come up above ground into the light. Live in the present by incorporating your knowledge and vision of past and future. Each new moment is an opportunity to awaken to Self and burrow deeper into Earth's goodness. You have the power to heal your life and create yourself anew in any moment. Listen to the messages you receive from above guiding you toward the whole healing of your body, mind and soul."

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentine's Day With Warmth

Photo: Charles Pfeil

I emailed and spoke with friends and family today on the Mainland who are experiencing more snowfall, freezing weather, and one of the worst winters on record. Some of these friends are stuck in their homes. These conversations reminded me why I love Maui so much: the warm weather! I get cold when the temperature drops down to 60 degrees now! Actually, the temperature at this time of the year is nearly perfect for this Goldilocks--not too hot, not too cold.

Of course, most people stuck in the harsh winter weather are dreaming of a vacation to our Islands or some other warm, sunny place right now. Who could blame them? Apparently lots of folks had this idea and have acted on it as the Island is super busy right now. The pale snowbirds have flocked here. They are easily recognizable.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A Valentine's Day Love Letter To You

Sad to say but true--my partner and I can't think of anything outrageously unique and special to celebrate Valentine's Day that we don't already do. Of course, we will exchange the 'sweetness', but we do that all the time. Ditto for cards and gifts. Ditto for communicating love with beloveds both near and far, beaches, movies, good food & restaurants, beautiful sunsets, warm waters, etc. Our lives overflow with blessings for which we are extremely grateful!

As I searched for something special to do for tomorrow, I remembered YOU! So I'm posting tonight, the day before Valentine's Day. I know most of you are already awake and moving through your day before we awaken here in the Hawaiian Islands.

I want to express my love and gratitude for those who read my blogs! I am grateful for your readership-- even if you don't have the time to leave a comment. I am grateful for all my loving fellow bloggers I've met online since I dived into blogging with such passion this past year. I am grateful for those who have helped me with my blogging education. I am grateful I have a daily way to communicate and express my love and creativity. I am grateful to read all the amazing stories on other blogs. I am grateful there is even such a thing as blogs!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 12, 2007


Flying Around Maui

The winter months are the months when snowbirds (tourists) bring more traffic to the roadways of Maui, but no one can complain too much as the traffic here is way more manageable than the traffic in parts of Kauai or the freeways of Oahu. However, there are times I dream of zipping around the island with no traffic.

And then I saw a video with the way to make my dream come true and to many people's prayers when they're stuck in traffic: a flying motorcycle patented by a Texas man. Click here for the video. The cost of these sky motorcycles isn't prohibitive--they are supposedly safe---and you can fold the whole thing up! Sweet! Production is supposed to begin this year. We are entering the world of the "Jetsons" one invention at a time.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


It's My Birthday and I'll Do It My Way

Yesterday was my partner's birthday which we celebrated HIS style which means Very Low Key! He absolutely didn't want a party, a cake, or any fuss. He's the kind of person who makes it really easy on your wallet because he always says, "Don't waste your money on me. I have everything I need. All I want is for everyone to be happy and healthy."

So we went out to eat (Thai food), saw a movie (The Queen), and chilled. We gave him some small gifts, and he was pleased.

He doesn't like big parties or lots of friends bringing him gifts. He doesn't want to make a big deal about his birthday or call attention to it in any way. I've succeeded on numerous occasions with surprise parties. He's never been happy with them!

This year he made a good haul with really great gifts arriving via mail before his birthday, and then on his birthday, we received a surprise knock on the door and friends had made him the most delicious orange cake with a homemade, light & fluffy, non-sugary frosting. So much for my willpower and current weight-loss program! My daughter and I helped him out with this yummy cake... oh yeh! It's my opinion that birthdays are to be celebrated and enjoyed--if not by the birthday gal or girl, at least by the celebrants.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thirteen Hawaiian Things

Today I'm going to share with you Thirteen Things about Hawaii. The first four come from The Hawaii Directory. You can find their link on my sidebar if you want to look again for these first four. They're a great resource for Hawaiian information.

1. Hawaii Word Of The Day: lanai meaning porch or veranda

2. Hawaii Phrase Of The Day: E waiho i ko kaua mau lole lepo i ka mikini holoi

3. Hawaii Fact of The Day: The Big Island is twice the size of all the other Hawaii Island combined.

4. Hawaii Website Of The Day: Hale Kai, a Hawaiian Bed & Breakfast

5. Hawaii temperature Of The Day:
(taken from the thermometer outside by door): 80 degrees!

6. Hawaii Photo Of The Day: Taken by me!
I took this photo many years ago from a hiking trail in the Polipoli Forest. You are looking at the peak of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. This island lies across a deep channel, but the view from the top of Polipoli is amazing. Sadly over 2000 acres of this gorgeous forest was destroyed in the recent forest fire in this area.

7. Another Vintage Photo Of The Day Taken By Me:

Our group looks tiny compared to the waterfall. The waterfall pool is very cold
and invigorating. We swam to a ledge underneath for our photo op. Notice the small rainbow created from the spray?

8. Ok....if you insist, yet another photo! How can I say no to you?

9. Hawaii Book Of The Day:
Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii...Stories of Aloha to Create Paradise Wherever You Are

10. Headline of the Day from the Maui News: "Superferry EIS bill advances in state House."

11. Hawaii View Outside My Window: cloudy and ready to rain

12. Hawaii Vibe Of The Day: mellow

13. Hawaii Wish Of The Day: more whales! There's not so many this year.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Indian Surrogate Mothers Grow In Popularity

Like most people, I have be disturbed by 'outsourcing' and wondered where it's going to end. Then yesterday I read a news article at MSNBC online titled, "Rent-a-womb trend fuels debate". Hold it just one moment! Aren't we going a bit too far with this outsourcing when we rent a woman's womb to carry babies? This reminded me of a sci fi movie I saw last year. From this article, a quote: "We must not promote surrogacy as a trade." I couldn't agree more.

At the same time I empathize and understand with childless couples faced with a huge surrogate expense! Compare the price (quoted in the above article) of $50,000 compared to $10-12,000. Reading the article is heartbreaking because the Indian women badly need the money. Their bodies are being used, and because of the cultural attitudes towards sex and procreation, these women lie about the baby they are carrying to their family and friends. This can't be promote wellbeing for the baby they are carrying. It has been documented that the child within records everything going on. Another quote from one of these surrogate mothers, "It's a lie we have to tell, otherwise how can we earn this much money?...A lie told for a good cause is not a sin."

What are your thoughts/feelings about this debate?

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Monday, February 05, 2007


Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes In Beach & Life

Yesterday was my established Sunday Beach-Day with my daughter at our favorite nearby beach. We hadn't gone in several Sundays because of bad weather, and so we were totally shocked to see most of our beach washed away! Probably two-thirds of the sand had vanished, and instead there were lots of rocks and some mysterious cement blocks. We were most curious about the cement blocks (you can see them in the foreground of the above photo). Were they under the water where we once swam? We don't recall any huge concrete blocks like this! Or did they wash up from the bad storm? Most mystifying.

Because so much of the sand had disappeared, everyone was lined-up next to one another on the beach which made it more cozy I guess you could say. I was happy it was Super Bowl Sunday, or else all the people at Super Bowl parties would have been at the beach, and we would be right on top of one another. I wonder if the nearby hotel is going to bring in more sand, or does sand just eventually return on its own?

Speaking of changes, I have been following in the news the increasingly hot debate about global warming. I watched some authorities and scientists debate this last week on Larry King. Fore more information on this subject, click here. And if you go to the bottom of the Wiki page, there is a link to another interesting page titled "Environmental skepticism".

Now add in the group who call themselves "Climate Change Skeptics" (click here for the link), and one begins to have a spinning head full of questions. Does anyone know....really?! We have many theories, speculations, and statistics coming at us from convincing sources.

If the Global Warming people end up being correct, the beach may eventually reach all the way to my home several blocks away. Or we may even be under water. Or none of this encroaching water will happen in the future, and the natural coming and going of beaches will continue, and my grandchildren will play on this same beach.

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Friday, February 02, 2007


Yeh, It's About Time Alright!

Since time seems to be a theme for me in some of my other blogs, I might as well continue with the 'time thread' and share with you a short video of a Maui friend of mine, Steve Zuwala, singing "It's About Time".

The photo is of a large redwood tree. I took it at Polipoli (upcountry Maui) several years ago--600 acres and many beautiful old redwood trees were destroyed in the recent Maui fire. If you read that post, check out the comments which accompanies it, for a reader sent me really great quality photos of the horrible fire.

Click here for the video!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Thirteen Recent Discoveries

I am by nature a curious cat. Thus, I am always discovering new things. Here's some of my past week's discoveries which I think are fabulous, or at the very least, interesting.

1. Yotel

At last-- two affordable, luxury hotels will open in Spring, 2007 at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. They are billed as "the world's most radical hotel." I like the idea of booking a room for a long, layover right at the airports! I hope this concept hotel works, and the idea spreads to many airports.

2. Last.fm I have previously tried Pandora, and now I have downloaded this one which is somewhat similar. I am busy test-driving it now.

3. Sonific This program allows you to choose music to download on your blogs, so I'm trying it out on one of my blogs: Moonlight Becomes Me. Having asked the opinion of various friends about the choice of song and whether they like music to begin downloading on a website, I have received mixed reviews thus far. I was hoping to achieve a mystical vibe by adding the music. What do you think/feel?

4. Mozy This company offers a free back-up of your computer files. However, I'm not having much success with it because my files are too big, and thus, if I want to back-up, I'll have to pay a monthly fee. Thus, I've been busy deleting useless, old files, but alas--still too many files! Grrrrrrr....

5. The Story of Tibet--Conversations with the Dalai Lama by Thomas Laird. This book was recommended by his proud mother. Inside the book flap, it reads, "Over the course of three years, journalist Thomas Laird spent more than sixty hours with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in candid, one-on-one interviews in Dharmasala, India. They discussed His Holiness's lifelong study of Buddhism and his beliefs on history, science, and reincarnation. Through these conversations, Laird and the Dalai Lama laid the cornerstones of a popular history of Tibet, something that has not been done with a Dalai Lama since the 1600's." This looks to be an amazing book and one I can't wait to dive into.

6. LiverClear The Journal of Health & Longevity arrived in the mail advertising this product. On the front, it reads, "It's the single most powerful, protective shield you can offer your liver in a toxic, polluted world." Reading further, I am convinced I need this product and need to give my liver more love.

7. Whitepod These are small geodesic dome pods in the Swiss Alps available in winter and summer. They look like a great adventure!

8. In Repose

This is what they write: "In Repose means “state of being at peace” is the most comprehensive online resource for recording, sharing and updating one’s last wishes.

In Repose eases the burden of end-of-life planning by providing a means to record important information about loved ones, such as: Where is the will? What kind of funeral do I want? Where are the financial documents? Who will take care of the pets?

The site also offers an elegant environment for memorials and excellent spiritual resources and discussion boards for end-of-life planning. Unlike other point sites that charge high fees, In Repose offers an easy-to-use place for memorial pages, obituaries, last wishes records and spiritual/cultural resources at an affordable cost. ($12.95/year for an advanced last wishes subscription and $9.95/year for an advanced memorial subscription.) I've explored this site, and I feel it's a well-done, beautifully packaged resource. There is a Barbaro memorial there which touched me.

9. Slide

Actually I discovered this site last week, and I'm still using it to organize my MANY photos into multiple slide shows. Slide offers many different styles of slide shows, and it's been fun, but LOTS OF HARD WORK to gather these slide shows together. I'm nowhere close to finishing with this project. I still have tons of photos to scan into the computer as well. Sigh.

10. Dancing In The Rain

Actually this is a re-discovery, but one I haven't done in a long time. Since I live in Hawaii, the rain isn't too cold, and sometimes the sun will shine as the rain falls as it happened to me when I was enjoying the beautiful downpour.

11. Turiya Nada--Cave of the Siddhars is a CD recommended to me by a friend. It can be ordered through Amazon.com. It is "powerful, transforming music--mystical Siddhar chants & the magic of the didgeridoo!". On the backcover, it is written that it callibrates between 1,000 and above using the David Hawkins scale which means it's supremely healing.

12. Slashdot offers the best nerd news if you're inclined to that kind of thing.

13. Shelfari is a discovery I haven't implemented yet as I have too much other stuff on my plate which is overflowing on the table. However, I plan to! If you haven't clicked on the link yet, here is what it is: a virtual bookshelf to show off your books, talk to others about books, etc. And it's all free which is great for me!

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