Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Winds Doth Blow

Today the ferocious winds are still blowing. Everything that wasn't tied down on our deck got either knocked down, blown around, or blown away. My wind chimes outside my window where my computer desk sits are going crazy. The big-mother-chime has a long metal piece which hangs down from the middle. Every now and then a gust will blow this hard metal right into the window, and the sound is as if a bullet is hitting my window. I jump out of my skin every time this happens! To say I am disturbed by these aggravating winds is putting it mildly! The windsurfers are probably ecstatic.

After writing this first paragraph, it struck me the smart thing to do would be to walk outside and simply take down the chimes! And so I will! I just did it. Ahhh....no more bullet sounds. If all of life's annoyances were this simple.

Most every day an annoyance enters my life. Such is life. Depending upon the size of the annoyance, I am either mildly annoyed or hugely stressed. The list is endless: where did I put that bill? Why am I being billed for something from last October? Where did that important phone number, email, or address get placed? You know how it goes. Questions demanding answers equates to time spent doing things we don't want to be doing, such as searching for an hour for something when we know we put it exactly right THERE! This is why we need vacations! If not a get-away, at least meditation.

I love being organized, and the desire for even MORE organization is always with me.
Life is so much easier when you're organized, and then the small niggly annoyances don't grow into major stressors. Last month I made a commitment to becoming extremely organized this year, and what I'm discovering about this commitment is that there is a lot more work involved in getting super organized than I bargained for. I'm ready for a vacation to a serene retreat where the winds are gentle and my mind isn't dwelling on my 'to-do lists'.

Better yet, I'm gonna go meditate. It's easier. I don't have to travel. Except inwards.

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Wind seems to pull energy from me and we've had much of it here this year. I cannot imagine a freeway on Maui, but neither could I imagine the growth that's taken place in my small corner of the world. Again, I enjoyed my visit here.
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