Thursday, January 18, 2007


Thursday Thirteen Things of Beauty I Saw This Week

One of the great blessings in life is to be able to appreciate beauty, and beauty comes in many forms, shapes, sizes,sounds, feels,and colors. I'd like to share thirteen beautiful sites/things/objects/people I saw this week. Maybe you will find them beautiful as well.

1. What is it? A leaf-filled drain cover!

2. Two trees--one windswept, and one straight and tall.

3. Our cat Anela takes her morning sunbath.

4. A yellow rose bloomed.

5. The window garden planter at Tommy Bahama's store is loaded with beautiful orchids.

6. The tablecloth and chair at the Cheeseburger in Paradise Restaurant at the Shops of Wailea has a certain flair.

7. And so does its bar!

8. The bird eyes our food.

The fountain in the center of the Shops of Wailea shopping center dances.

10. I watched a happy child frolic at the seashore.

11. I drove past billowing sugar cane plants in fields.

I watched lots of planes arriving on Maui.

13. I admired a stately tree at Baldwin Beach Park.

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Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. I was lucky enough to see some deer this week,

Happy TT!
All great pictures! I love the one of the yellow flower!!
Oh I love this theme ... you can do it again next week. ok use more different photos ... i'm betting this should be easy there in hawaii

oh my t13 is up. it's 12 Free Computer Programs and 1 New Year's Challenge

Beautiful pictures! Happy TT!
awesome pics. i so want ot be where children can frolic on the beach right now. we've had temps in the thirties all week.

happy TT. mine is musing about the movie The Sound of Music or The Impact Story of Story on a Life.
I agree that you should do this agian. They are all beautiful
I'm a week late, but nice pictures.
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