Thursday, January 11, 2007


Thirteen Stories...some may be interesting!

If you're like me, unusual stories catch your eye and attention. Here are some of the stories in the news which have amazed me this past week plus some of my OWN updates and stories:

1. "Paul Kinsella lost his wallet 100 times on the dot, all in the pursuit of knowledge. Call his study an exercise in vigilante research," so reported Shane Graber in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 74 of the 100 wallets were returned, and you can read the whole story online at Kinsella's website Wallettest.

2. Happiness 101 from the New York Times

3. The link I had listed here didn't work when I went back to check it, so I'm adding something else here: As reported in the Maui News of January 9th: our Hawaii State Senator Daniel Inouye says, "It's too soon for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to run for president in 2008".

4. "No cellphone? No BlackBerry? No email? No way? (It's true.) from

5. "A Procession of Penguins Arrives on Madison Ave." from the New York Times

6. My dream life has been particularly vivid and pronounced. I feel as if I'm attending school at night as the dreams are being repeated over and over so much so I'm weary by the time I awake. Last night I was being instructed on making a film.

7. Downtime and relaxation has been my focus as of late, and I'm enjoying spending time away from my computer and phone and spending more time in Nature. I went to the beach late yesterday afternoon, and the ocean water was so rejuvenating and healing.

8. I'm zero happy to hear the news of more troops being sent to Iraq.

9. I've assembled all the ingredients to make my FIRST panini on my new panini maker: eggplant, tomatoes, sourdough bread rounds, garlic, onions, provolone cheese, and a Sicilian Bruschetta spread. Yum!

10. My daughter recently won an award on Maui for her work with children at a special luncheon with the new Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares in attendance and received a commemorative plaque.

11. We purchased our tickets for the upcoming Kris Kristofferson concert at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. My partner is a huge fan of KK who resides in Hana, Maui.

12. I haven't seen as many humpback whales thus far this year. Others report the same thing to me. This troubles me. Maybe the whales are visiting the other islands?

13. I received an email from one of my sidebar links (Dave Freeman) that his son's television show "Maui Fever" will launch on Wednesday, January 17th on MTV. Apparently, Dave got a role in episode 2 on Jan. 24, his tv debut.

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Good list. I agree with you on number eight.

My 13 are up.
Very cool list. I enjoy unusual stories so your list was entertaining to read. I am with you on #8. That makes me very unhappy :(
Good list.
Congratulations on number 10! that rocks.
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted
Thank goodness I don't have pockets to have a wallet!

I can actually imagine not having a cellphone, blackberry, or email, especially if a young child. Not having them as an adult, though: freaky.

Congratulations on number 10 as well! Serving others is the greatest gift we can bestow to the world.
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