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Thirteen Famous Hawaiian Characters

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Many people living outside the Hawaiian Islands have heard about Pele, the famous Fire Goddess. The Hawaiian family is a large one, and outside of the Islands, many of the other well-known characters around which the myths and legends of Hawaii are woven are unknown-- so here's some for my Thursday Thirteen list beginning with the revered Madame Pele:

1. Pele came to the Islands from the South Seas and discovered the Hawaiian Islands as they presently are. After visiting all the islands, she settled in Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii (Halema'uma'u)where she still resides today. She is often reported to be seen in physical form wearing either white or red.

2. Hi'iaka is the beloved youngest sister of Pele and figures into many Hawaiian myths. One of the most famous of these myths is when Pele sent Hi'iaka on a journey to locate Lohi'au, the lover of Pele. A love affair began with Lohi'au and Hi'iaka.

3. Lohi'au pissed off Pele so much when she found him cheating on her with her sister that to get revenge she devoured him with fire, leaving nothing but a pillar of black magma. But...

4. Kanemilohai, the brother, took pity on the lovers and brought Lohi'au back to life. whereupon Lohi'au married Hi'iaka making a happy life on Kauai.

5. Poli'ahu is the beautiful Snow Goddess of Mauna Kea, one of the highest volcanic craters in the world and where people can sometimes ski in the Hawaiian Islands. After a famous battle with Pele, she retreated to her mountain top and rules the northern part of the Big Island while Pele rules the southern part.

6. Maui the Demi-God, trickster, and a fisherman who among other wonders snared the Sun so that it would move more slowly through the Heavens. This symbolic magical, supernatural barb or hook with which he snared and lassooed the Sun is sold in many jewelry stores fashioned from bone, gold or silver.

7. Hina, the Goddess of the Moon, is one of the famous ancestral goddesses of ancient Hawaii. Hina called out to her son, Maui, to rescue her in one myth and subdue a powerful dragon, Kuna. The warrior Maui eventually whipped Kuna's ass with a magic club he created. Hina and her friends were cheerleaders with magical chants and powerful incantations. Hina has four daughters, and she is connected with the island of Molokai'i.

8. Ai-laau is the ancient god of volanic fires who took off when he saw fierce Pele coming to the Islands, abandoning his home in a pit crater. No one has ever heard from him again.

9. Kamapua'ua had a torrid love affair with Pele. He often appears in the form of a pig or a pig-man. They had one child from their tempestuous relationship.

10. Lilinoe is the younger sister of Poliahu mentioned earlier. She lives in Haleakala on Maui and is known as the Goddess of Mists.

11. Papa is the divine ancestress and creator god of the Hawaiian people and gave birth to all of the Hawaiian Islands. Mother Earth!

12. Ka'ahupahau guards the entrance to Pearl Harbor. Born a human, she was transformed into a shark along with her brother.

13. Kane was born from Papa (number eleven above) and Wakea (the sky and light), and he came to Hawaii with his constant companion, the god Kanaloa. The list is long of all his many forms and attributes of which the whirlwind, the rainbow, the heavenly star, the wind, fresh water and yellow are a few.

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wow - tonight is such a Hawaii theme night - I just read Carmen's blog and she has just returned from your neck of the woods - Great TT - I love mythology - how wonderful to live in a place so rich with it in this day and age! Thanks for sharing!
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