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Thirteen Books I Plan To Read In 2007

Today I'm accomplishing two things in ONE post. I am listing Thirteen Books To Be Read (TBR) in 2007 and participating in this book challenge with many others. If you want to get in on this challenge (there are prizes!), here's the link at Cafe-Books. The cut-off date to get involved is January 31st, so let them know at Cafe-Books and then join their Yahoo Group.

Since I'm a book-aholic and a speed-reader, this challenge should be easy for me! I say that not in a bragging way, but with candor. I've always loved to read, and during the summers in my small town, there was a contest at our local library which focused on how many books you could read during the summer when school was out. In the middle of the library, there was a little fake tree with reader's names hanging from the branches on colored paper. The top of the tree paper was the reader who had read the most, after having given a synopsis out-loud to the librarian. I always aspired to be at the top of that tree, and quite often I was! The hard part for me was voicing my book report to the stern librarian(s) who scared me with their scrutiny which made me feel shy and mumble my speech.

By the way, this challenge ONLY requires 12 books, but because today is Thursday and I'm doing the Thursday Thirteen meme, I am combining them and adding ONE extra book. Many of these books have been sitting around waiting to be read, and since this challenge arose, now I can no longer procrastinate!

Here are my list of The Books To Be Read For The Challenge:

1. Provence A-Z by Peter Mayle

2. The Ark of Millions of Years by E.J. Clark and B. Alexander Agnew

3. Ageless by Suzanne Somers

4. Make Your Creative Dreams Real by Sark

5. Goldie by Goldie Hawn

6. The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing by Luc Bourgault

7. The Sacred Power of Huna by Rima Morell

8. Little Money Street by Fernanda Eberstadt

9. Practicing The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

10. The Glance…Songs of Soul-Meeting by Rumi

11. Something More…Excavating Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach

12. The Art of Happiness by His Holiness The Dalai Lama

And Ta-Da!

13. Bali Chic by Susi Johnston and Don Bosco

This last book I bought at an airport in Taiwan this past year in order to spend the last of my Taiwanese money before hopping on a plane home. I drool every time I pick it up because it makes me want to get on the next plane to Bali! Thus, I have always put it back down because the urge to fly to Bali is not timely nor practical, and my heart aches because I want to go there so badly. I will find the courage to lust in an unrequited way this year in 2007. I can do it!

To get the Thursday Thirteen Code, click here.

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Good luck with all your reading! I read all the time, too.
Reading is great. Especially now that we're adults and get to choose what we want to read. And hey, no book reports!
Reading is always good.

My 13 is up.
Im hoping to read more biographies this year
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13!

And thanks for the intro to the TBR Challenge at Cafe-Books. I'm toying with the idea ... wondering how many challenges I can take on this year.

Good luck with your reading and enjoy!
I am an avid reader also.
Have a wonderful day!

My TT is posted
Good luck with your reading. I'm in TT and TBR.
Maui is one of the most beautiful places on earth in my book although I've only been there once, and that as a kid.
I just wanted to thank you for commenting on Silicon Valley Moms Blog during our "lurking" post - and thank you for introducing us to your site!!!

BTW - I am an avid reader... ever night before bed. Good luck with your reading.......

Jill Asher
Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog
I've read all of those and I love them all especially the fernanda eberstadt one.
You should include "Living out Loud by Keri Smith". It's similar to some books you've listed (like SARK). It's on my favourite book list - it's so inspiring and fun!
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