Monday, January 08, 2007


Taking Time Out For Review

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On Christmas Day my partner wrote a long blog on Blogger for his football blog, but when it came time to review it after publishing it, the published article was missing except for a half a paragraph. He went berserk. The same thing just happened to me! I don't know what's going on, but it's enough to drive some bloggers crazy, angry and ready to pull out all their hair.

Me? No biggie. I've been taking a blogging holiday anyway, and I've been re-assessing how much I want to blog in 2007 anyway! So I'm just posting again. Of course, I'm writing something different this time because part of me is superstitious and feels maybe I wasn't supposed to write what I wrote! Maybe my angels were saving me!?

Here's a clue to what I was writing about: the Mayan Calendar. I'll make this posting a lot shorter because I don't want to loose TWO posts in a row. The link I was referencing is here.

This article suggests that the End Time date of 2012 is actually Oct. 28, 2011. Others think it's in 2007. We shall see as we live the Great Mystery!

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Yeah , blogging can take up a lot of time....balance it out with outside activity before you get the the infamous blog O butt or blog O gutt.

Was that the original blogger or the new Beta Version, now out of Beta. I often will save to edit and then post later but I have not had that problem. I use the New Version, but this is not the first I've heard of someone ,like you partner, being frustrated with blogger.
Congrats on having a great daughter!

I was having a batch of odd dreams. Constantly in front of the computer. I started taking melatonin and that helped. Flip side is if I only take just a little melatonin, I've also been known to have even stranger more vivid dreams. How much is too little vs too much? Start with too little because it varies from person to person and how off your sleep patterns off at that moment in your life.

I also have a Thurs 13 up and also my daughter and I started a storytelling adventure today.

OH and did I get to tell you? You have a "hat tip" mention in my T13.

Thanks for mentioning Bali Chic. I hope you had time to read it, and more importantly, to come to Bali and experience for yourself the best the island has to offer.


Susi Johnston
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