Monday, January 22, 2007


Going Digital & Flowing With Change

For many a year--ever since I began taking digital photos--I have procrastinated about moving my old photos to digital. However, with the push from this most recent Capricorn New Moon, I have begun a huge undertaking: scanning thousands of photos into my computer, categorizing them, and getting organized by subject, theme, and time period.

I knew this task would be time-consuming, but I had no idea how much satisfaction I would feel in getting organized. And am I ever feeling buzzed about this project! My initial plan was to pace myself and only scan in 100 photos a day, but I'm getting such a charge on this that I am now exceeding that limit!

In the past I've used Flickr and Picture Trail. Picasa drove me absolutely up the wall with its complexity, so I let that program go. My latest love affair is with Slide.

Slide is so easy to use, and they give you many options of how you can arrange your photos as for style, themes, skins, and size. They give you the code to download your photos to Bebo, MySpace, LiveJournal, Facebook, Friendster, Blogger, Xanga, Yahoo!360, and others. You can also email the album you've created to others.

Thus far, I've done two slides with lots of photos on each one and am working on my third slide show now. Going through these old photos is making my heart wrench a bit as I remember "the way we were" and places, lifestyle and people that have come and gone out of my life.

How Maui has changed in the sixteen years I've lived here. I began documenting Maui on two other photo blogs this year--my whimsical Maui Skies and my daily photo blog titled WaileaDailyPhoto. I've been taking even more photos than normal since I now carry two digital cameras with me wherever I go. The other day I told my partner I wanted to go take some photos from this restaurant along the ocean. We drove there, and nothing was there but empty land for sale! This whole beach-side shopping center was missing. We were both in a state of saddened shock.

Yes, Maui is changing! Now four miles of the four-lane Mokulele Highway is completed, and the next four miles from Kihei to Kahului will be completed shortly. Imagine! We will soon have a freeway on Maui. I find this a bit unnerving, yet I know it's necessary because of the growth of Maui.

The photo above is from my archives and recently scanned in. Maui always looks exceedingly holy, serene, and mystical from boats looking ashore.

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This is fantastic! There is a great sense of accomplishment and suddenly it's so much easier to share all those photos. I only got to scan a small portion of mine before.

I am very eager to become reunited with a scanner. The prices are coming down so quickly it's amazing.

Wow - this is exactly what i need to do with some childhood photos i'm babysitting for my mother. Who by the way is MarillaAnne (found you through her - networkings great isn't it?). I will have to go check out Slide. I'm so jealous that you're carrying 2 digital cameras! What cameras are you using?
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