Friday, January 26, 2007


Fire On The Mountain

The forest fire in Kula began several days ago, but as of last night, the fire was still burning! I couldn't sleep last night, and I finally got out of bed. When I looked out my window, I couldn't believe what I was seeing: all across the top of the mountain looked like one huge blaze. My digital photo doesn't begin to capture the extent of the blaze I watched at 2:30 am this morning.

The Maui News of January 25th ran this story yesterday: "Polipoli forest reserve blaze still burning". You can read more here. An estimated 30 acres of pine and native forest have been burned.

Today there is a lots of smoke in the air, and this is the photo taken this morning. I can't see any fires now in the daylight--just smoke. The fire is still blazing, and so far, no homes are in danger. However, if the Kona Winds start blowing, this situation could change in a heartbeat.

Polipoli was very special to me, and one I have written about in several articles. So I am extremely saddened and troubled about this fire.

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Here are some more fire pictures from last night.
Yes I agree your photo does not capture the flame that is burning, burning in my mind as I witness the roaring rage of golden yellow and red flames off in the distance. As I drive home to my country cabin in Kula, I pray the ravishing fire does not reach Kula homes, as it already rages across the beautiful forests of Poli Poli, a place very special indeed ! I know fires are part of nature's way and the process of flame to rebirth for the new growth, however it is also difficult and yet wildly intoxicating to watch!
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