Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Best Hair at the 2007 Golden Globes

Art courtesy of Josephine Wall

I'm one of those people who notices hair--both my own and others. So it's only natural that I would scope out the hair of what are considered the most fashionable, chic women who show up for the Golden Globe Awards every year.

Here is my run-down of who I thought looked great and who didn't in 2007 at the Globes:

The list of the hairstyles on the actors I liked is much longer than the ones I didn't. Some of my favorites were: Evangeline Lilly, Beyonce, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Drew Barrymore, Ali Larter, Scarlett Johansen, and Angelina Jolie. Salma Hayek looked divine with her dark hair and white, sexy dress. She stole the show which wasn't easy to do.

The hairstyles I didn't like were: Sharon Stone--way too matronly! Sienna Miller--what was she thinking with that thick alpine braid going across the top of her head with the messy back part?! Cameron Diaz--I liked her better as a blond, and her lipstick was WAY too red. I might have liked her hair better if her lipstick wasn't shouting at me. She has a gorgeous, megawatt smile, and it doesn't require bright red lips. She smolders with paler lip color. Vanessa Williams who always looks so sleek and glamorous had hair which looked as if it had hit a monster making machine. Scary! Elizabeth Perkins is too young to wear that 'do'! Fire her hairdresser or stylist or whomever!

Most of the guys looked great too, even Sasha Cohen, who would look more handsome if he shortened those long sideburns. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo Dicaprio, Patrick Dempsey all looked their regular fabulous selves. Nothing ever seems to change with these guys at the awards shows--same hair, same chic clothes. They've got their act together.

As for my OWN hair these days, I'm in a never-ending battle with my bangs. They're either too thick, too long, too clumped, or too not right. I try not to obsess about them for there are more important issues in this world than 'my bangs'. The only person who can make them look fabulous is my hairdresser whom I would like to live with me and fix them every day just right as she is so skilled in this area. However, since this scenario is out of the realm of possibility, I shall have to push them this way and that way or ignore them. Hair! It's one of life's most peculiar things. How did it happen that hair became such an object of hate and fascination?

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Hey I did not get to watch the GG but...thanks for the wrap on on style!!! I love love love Salma Hayeck and always wanted to look like her ...a true beauty. So fsr on the news I heard there was some vulgarity mentioned....balls balls balls and other crude humor? I really don't care but that
is all I heard about the GG? I wish to catch a style wrap up since that is my favorite part!!!!!
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