Friday, December 29, 2006


Wayne Brady Wows Us at the MACC

Wayne Brady performed his 11th performance on Maui, but last night was the first time I've seen his improv touring act titled "Wayne Brady and Friends." Wow--was our three-some impressed with his talent and the show! We laughed so hard, nudging each other constantly with recognition of his comedic gifts as tears rolled down our faces.

This was my first time to watch Wayne in action as I had never viewed his successful tv shows "The Wayne Brady Show" and "Whose Line Is It Anyway". The show began with his co-comedians asking the audience for words from audience members. A male voice down the aisle from us kept shouting out the word 'conundrum', but because we were further back in the orchestra area, the word never registered with the man acknowledging words. The male voice kept shouting louder and louder this word, and as he did so, it became funnier and funnier to us. Zero recognition! Finally he got his friends in on the act, and they shouted out CONUNDRUM in a loud chorus! recognition! By this time, we were laughing so hard at their futility in being heard that we couldn't stop laughing-- hysterically! That was how our Wayne Brady show began!

And from there on, between Wayne's rapid-fire improv, physicality, singing, and collaboration with the two other team-member comedians, we (and the audience) were bowled over with the amazing groove they had going-on! It's always hilarious when a pro like Wayne brings audience members on stage to support a comedy skit. Unlike myself, lots of people always want to be in the spotlight and go up on stage. When you see your average joe and/or jane up there on stage with a comedian, they inevitably look goofy as hell even if the comedian is cutting them a little slack.

Our three-some needed a GOOD LAUGH to release after the stress of Christmas, and this Wayne Brady show appeared at the perfect moment in time.

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It was a fun and lively show. Wayne Brady has raw talent, and it was so fun to see someone express their gifts! He is truly amazing!
Looks like you had fun indeed. Is he going to have a show in Oahu sometime soon? I'm interested in going, that's for sure!
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