Thursday, December 07, 2006


Thirteen Things to Consider For Christmas

1. Re-gifting. Some people consider this idea as being supremely tacky, but I feel it's an opportunity to share what you're not using. As long as the gift hasn't been personalized or used, why not?!

2. Check out this website for Toy Safety Tips which lists the Worst Toys.

3. Donate money and/or time to alternate causes. Tis the season when charities count on your generosity to make it through the year.

4. Get away from it all, and check into one of the resorts has picked as the World's Sexiest Resorts.

5. Send a consolation card to Andy Rooney who has been an Internet Hoax Victim. Read his story here. Heck, I liked the articles everyone kept emailing me which it turns out he didn't write!

6. Catch up on your reading. Read some of my Blogger Blogs. You can find them if you click on the link about Kuanyin near the top of this blog.

7. Go to the movies. After seeing the previews for "Apocalypto", I wanted to see what looked like a great movie--that is until I read the reviews. I now plan to spare myself the suffering of watching others suffer. "Happy Feet", "The Holiday", and "The Fountain" are more my style which have opened already--although a LOT more great ones are coming soon.

8. For your iPod loving friends, consider giving iTunes Cards. They come in different prices of $15, $25, and $50. Easy!

9. Here's another iPod or MP3 idea: give the gift of a RadioPlay FM transmitter which allows you to play your iPod or MP3 music through a car stereo.

10. Join a gym to work off the extra Christmas calories, or put an extra effort in portion sizes on your plates, or most radical of all: forgo ALL sweets & alchohol. Good luck!

11. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time and wish them Happy Holidays.

12. Check out the website of the New American Dream for holiday tips.

13. Or you could do as many did after Thanksgiving, participate in the Buy Nothing Christmas!

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Great list... very thought provoking, and definitely going to check out the resort! Happy TT
I'm so with you on re-gifting!

I think I will go to a movie and maybe even catch up on some reading.

Happy TT!
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