Thursday, December 28, 2006


Thirteen Gifts I Received for Christmas Which I Love

Although I received MORE than thirteen gifts for Christmas which I love, I had to narrow the list down for this Thursday Thirteen meme. I took photos of the gifts, but I don't know if the photos truly reflect the beauty of some of these great gifts. Here they are with a little story attached:


I received the gift of watching friends clowning around and having fun!


I received the gift of spending much of Christmas Day with my beautiful daughter and her handsome fiancee.


I received a Sharper Image ultrasonic jewelry cleaner from Bob.


Bob and I received this turtle which slides open to reveal a compass inside (from Cambodia) from Nancy & Tom.


I received this Shark Cordless Vac from Bob....this will really come in handy!


I received this darling purple mermaid from Nancy (the bigger one in the background I received from Sherry). I love mermaids, and so I get them a lot as gifts, and I have a large mermaid collection--everything from paintings to objects to Christmas tree ornaments. Hopefully,one of these days my mermaid book will be finished.


I received this oriental-faced piggy bank from Genvieve. The reason is because I took one of these on-line mini tests recently--an email which was sent to me. You pick animals, etc., and then you get the results by which animal you picked first and second and last. I picked pig last which signifies money, so Genvieve decided I needed to focus more on money this year, and thus she got me lots of pig gifts.


These are Harley Biker Salt and Pepper shakers from Gen. Pig images are beginning to proliferate all over my home because of Gen. Will these images subconsciously help me to earn more money this year? We shall see!


This elephant clock with their tusks and trunks entwined is from Sam. Supposedly the symbolism of elephants this way is great feng-shui.


This beautiful crystal lotus candle holder is from Nancy.


This three-foot tall Celtic Santa is from Bob. I LOVE it!


This gorgeous woven art scarf is from Sherry, but the photo I took of it doesn't even begin to do it justice. The manufacturer is Linda Lundstrom who commissioned Canadian artist Juno, a formal traditional painter, to create this amazing scarf. This is what is written on the tag, "Taking "art off the wall", masterfully creates vivid jewel tone images on fabric. The "art" is the passion for the work and with attention to detail Juno's art is increasingly popular and sought after world wide."

13. YOU! I received readership and many visits from ya'll! Mahalo Nui Loa for stopping by my blog and checking up on me! I hope you enjoyed the gifts of links I left out for you to open every day!

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Oh I love that Celtic Santa!
Looks like you did okay. Yay!

My TT13 is up :)
Great Christmas gifts! sounds like a good season. My TT is also posted.
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