Wednesday, December 13, 2006


A New Diet Plan

I read the most amazing news article today which I want to share with you. The title of this article is "Obesity May Be Contagious". Apparently the scientists have researched and located a pathogen called the "adenovirus Ad-37" and are suggesting it is the cause of obesity. Now we have a virus to blame, and we can forgive ourselves for not exercising enough, eating too much, or eating fattening foods. You can read the full article here at Live Science. Of course, they haven't suggested the cure yet, but we're half-way there.

I feel so much better. Don't you?

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I read the article and it is most fascinating and a bit disturbing as well. If this is in fact true, I wonder where the virus originated and how does one catch this virus? I have always thought that it was unnatural to be over weight considering the body is always trying to sustain its life, being thatobseity is a virus does make sense! Here is another thought, the chemicals that are in our food supply probaly feeds the virus as well and the perservatives in food may assist in making this virus sunstainable long term?
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