Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Getting Human

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Like most people during this hectic Christmas season, having ENOUGH time for everything can be extremely challenging. This is why the GRINCH in me/us can jump out when we are trying to reach a Customer Service agent on the telephone about a problem, a return, a question, or whatever. Often I/you are left hanging on the phone (as happened to me recently) for LONG periods of time listening to Christmas music. Ordinarily I love Christmas music, but listening to this music while waiting for someone to answer--well, this very same music becomes extremely annoying.

This is why I was so delighted to Stumble Upon a fabulous site recently. Before I tell you about the site, let me tell you about Stumble Upon. It is free and is a feature of Mozilla Firefox...it's simply an add-on at the top of your computer tool bar. I have been enjoying it very much since I downloaded it onto my computer this past year, and every now and then, I stumble around and discover great websites. You will likely find me there--also with the moniker of Kuanyin.

So I Stumbled Upon the website Get Human. Get Human is strictly for the US right now, but maybe other countries have a similar one? In any event, I wish to rave about this very necessary and useful website even though I haven't used any of the numbers YET! Get Human gives you TWENTY pages of phone numbers to by-pass the annoying "being put on hold and listening to music" situation. I printed it out just in case this valuable site should suddenly disappear. I also printed out the information which is shared under tips: the Amazon.com, Pay Pal and eBay customer service numbers. Have you ever noticed they are almost impossible to find? Get Human also has a blog.

I feel I have already received an amazing present by discovering this website. And I hope I NEVER have to use these numbers, but given our present world, I might. Now I'm ready!

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