Saturday, December 23, 2006


Christmas Shopping Blessings

For as long as I can remember, I've had what I call "parking angels". These are the angels who arrange the perfect parking spots for me quite near my destination. I continually blow my partner's mind by insisting he drive right near to the front of wherever we are going, having complete faith that my parking angels will have the parking space awaiting me.

And so it was again today. As we drove into the packed four-level parking garage at the Kaahumanu Center in Kahului, the main shopping mall on Maui, my partner groaned and said surely we won't find parking because already at the onset of the parking garage, the parking stalls were taken. I didn't flinch, and I told him to keep driving...and I reminded him ONCE AGAIN, my parking angels don't let me down. He has witnessed my parking angels in action through the years, and he still can't quite believe what they do.

So we drove exactly to where I wanted to go which is the third level where the ramp goes over to the Macy's door, and just as we got to where I wanted to park for ease, a car pulled out at the perfect moment. My partner shook his head in disbelief and wonderment. How do I do that? How do the angels arrange it? I don't know, but they are always on the job arranging miraculous parking spots.

We go inside to shop, and after deciding what we wanted to buy and our hands were holding many items, a clerk approached to help us. Little did we know that the line of shoppers waiting for the cash registers were already lining up, and by the time our clerk had commandered a cash register, we looked at the long line and went whooaaaa, we are blessed. We don't know how she found us in the very back of the store. We don't know how she managed to commander the cash register and get us checked out. It was another Christmas miracle! And this is how our day went--zero stress, mini-miracles all over the place and much laughter and joy.

As I promised a gift a day for you, my readers, up to and including Christmas Day, here is another silly Christmas link for those who like 'silly' and could use a smile.

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