Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Beat the Christmas Blues with Persimmons

Art Courtesy of Josephine Wall

I betcha very few doctors would give this advice: Go eat a plump, juicy persimmon to get rid of your Christmas Blues! This plan might not work for everyone, but if you're on Maui, persimmon-eating might be the best way to beat the blues.

Back to the Christmas Blues: I had them the other day. Bad. I tried my regular blues-beating-routine to rid myself of them, and now my Christmas Blues are gone. Persimmons helped. I've read a couple of online articles about how to survive the Christmas Blues, but none of them mention persimmons.

Every Christmas I get the Christmas Blues-- their appearance is as reliable as Christmas gifts. Since I can't blame my blues on the light--living on Maui as I do--I know MY blues aren't a seasonal affective disorder which impacts some people who live in colder, wetter environments. No, my blues are something else. However, I have learned ways to cope with them, and so when my blues show up, I sing along with Elvis (It'll be a blue, blue Christmas!), write down all the many people and things I'm grateful for, rest, and eat a Maui persimmon. If you're on Maui, there is a persimmon farm run by the Hashimotos in Kula on 1378 Pulehuiki Road. Walk-in customers are welcome. They also offer other persimmon products for sale. You might catch me there munching on one in case my blues come back.

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