Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Why Not Have at least TWO Hospitals on Maui?

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For some time now I have been reading editorials and letters to editors in different Maui newspapers discussing the pros and cons of adding a second hospital to Maui. The proposed second hospital is the Malulani Health & Medical Center, and although the permit for it was denied, the push is on to get the permit reversed. The Maulani Center is a $212 million, 150-bed hospital proposed to be built on 40 acres at the Maui Research & Technology Park in Kihei. For those reading my post and unfamiliar with Maui, Kihei is located in South Maui. Read the story about this controversy in today's Maui News here.

Here's my two cents on this matter: since Maui's population is growing and especially in South & West Maui, a SECOND hospital would be a worthy addition, especially if there were any emergencies. And why not add a THIRD medical facility in West Maui while they're at it?

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