Monday, November 20, 2006


To Cell Phone or Not?

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My cell phone contract for the year is nearly complete, so today I went shopping to see what was new in the cell-phone world. First I went to T-Mobile, my current provider, and checked out several of their Blackberry's. Then I went to Verizon which offered a better service plan, better rates, and more coverage. Verizon is the only cell phone company I was told which works in both Haiku and Hana (Maui), not that I travel to those two locations all that often, but it's great to have a cell phone which works in these more rural locations on Maui--just in case. I like having a cell-phone more for a back-up than for usage. Let me explain.

I am something of a 'cell-phobe'. Is there such a word? Probably not. Maybe I just made up a new word! I am using this word to describe my deliberate non-usage of cell phones on a regular basis. I know this must put me in the minority of most Americans. But in truth, there seems to be a lot of scientific data about the harmful effects of cell phones which made me re-think my former frequent usage of cell phones. For several years I employed different devices to block the harmful effects from cell phones. And then I began gradually cutting back on using my cell and then only for brief messages. The next step was turning my cell off most of the time and using it on rare occasions. If people wanted to leave me messages, I would eventually retrieve them and return the call on a regular phone. Even then, I'm not the easiest person to contact by phone--even a regular phone. Emails are my main communication device, other than personal contact.

This is why when I pay my monthly cell phone bill, I think I must be nuts since I hardly use any minutes. The only good purpose I see for a cell phone is one where I could retrieve emails or text messages. You won't catch me gabbing away on a cell phone as you do so many people. Hopefully, I'll save a few brain cells with this restraint.

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Cell Phones...can't really live without these days. hey I see girls who are 4 carrying around a camera phone pink razor...with all the depression around, there is still money for cell phones? I love my cell for the just in case momments. I understand about the "rumors" of tumors and it is probaly true, yet I still use my cell!
I just would like to tell others to investigate because I have heard earpeices can cause more risk than not?
Also I would like to mention I was watching the news and there was a report on how many germs are on a cell phone around the mouth peice....well there were some traces of E-Coli on a few phones and that a majority of phones have more harmful germs than a home toilet and close to a public restroon. Note to readers get wipes and clean your phone on a regular basis esp during flu season!
I'm in total agreement about the use of cell phones. In fact, I haven't given my number out except to family and one close friend. I originally bought this one when I traveled to New York earlier this year. It was very helpful.

But I have not yet learned how to use the camera or keyboard properly, or I would be taking videos and writing e-mails on it.

You see, I knew I would not be using it for phone calls much. I have almost no minutes used.

I like this Verizon phone and service, but I may be spending money unnecessarily.

All of my friends live hundreds and thousands of miles from here, so with the time difference I usually keep in touch by e-mail. I really don't like being tied to any phone.
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