Thursday, November 30, 2006


Thirteen Things I Love About This Season

1. Poinsettas--they bloom on our property every year during this season. Photographed here are the first ones to bloom.
2. Christmas music--what can I say but I love to hear it and love to sing the golden oldies. Oh Holy Night is my all-time favorite.
3. Christmas cards--sending and receiving them. Were it not for Christmas letters and cards, I wouldn't be caught up on the lives of many others.
4. Christmas parties--seeing people I only see once a year at a Christmas party is a treat.
5. Christmas cookies and candies---this is the time of the year when we receive lots of sweets in the mail, many of them handmade.
6. Cooler weather--Maui is still fairly warm and tropical, but not as hot. The nights are cool.
7. Christmas gifts--giving and receiving them is so much fun!
8. The Spirit of the Season--there's a joyous energy & good cheer at this time of year.
9. Christmas festivals, church events and shows--Unity Church always creates a fabulous performance as do many other churches.
10. The Humpback Whales are abundant in the waters of Maui.
11. Christmas Bonus's--these are ALWAYS welcomed with gratitude.
12. Family comes together from near and far.
13. Preparing for a new beginning, a NEW YEAR.

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poinsettias growing wild!

everything is BROWN here and we're expecting snow this weekend.

What beautiful images!
interesting post.. check out my blog HERE
I love getting to play Christmas music!!
Great list. I love many of the same things as you! It is finally getting colder here. I don't like to wear shorts on Christmas...doesn't seem right! Hope you have a great weekend!
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