Thursday, November 09, 2006


Thirteen Christmas Gift Suggestions

1. Photostamps allow you to create your OWN stamps with your photos or logos on the 39 cents stamps. They have offerings of your favorite teams too!
2. Toshiba's new Portege M400 Tablet PC has Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess Built-In!
3. You now have multiple ways to listen to your iPod with the i-Dog desktop puppy, the iCat, the iFish and the iPulse Bear....all available through Sharper Image.
4. You're not into animals, but you want to listen to your iPod in the shower. No problem. Sharper Image has that too.
5. If you know someone who hates wearing a watch, here's a hat called the Nixon Snow Dork hat with a voice which will tell you the time.
6. Here's a Christmas gift for the person who's always getting lost: the Magellan eXplorist 210.
7. You can shoot digital video and photos from YOUR wrist with the shockproof, waterproof GoPro camera.
8. Socks for flip flops? Of course! You can find them here.
9. Got kids (or husband) who drop crumbs of food into the computer keyboard? Now there is a washable, packable, virtually indestructible keyboard. Find it here.
10. Here's a gift for the golfer: highlighting sunglasses with Visiball's spectral-sensitive lenses which boost the brightness of lost golf balls. You can find it here.
11. The Trekker Fisher Space Pen writes in freezing cold, burning heat, upside down and under water.
12. For your horse-lovers friends and family, give them a horse adventure of a lifetime from Hidden Trails.
13. If Christmas seems to be the last thing on your mind, check out another blog of mine, Way Khool Sites, for amusement, and forget about Christmas shopping! The best part: No Charge--it's FREE!

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Great suggestions! I especially like the socks for flip-flops! Thanks for sharing!!
Eeeewwww Christmas Shopping. I am so not ready for that.
So not ready for Christmas Shopping!
great list! Thanks!!! Mine's up - drop by!
How funny some of these gifts are! Definitely unique! :) Love your Thursday Thirteen. Mine are up too!
Hey thats a great list of suggestions!! For some more cool and fun stuff u can dig into my
Holiday Blog...
those are awesome..thanks so much
I like 1, 1, and 9 would be for myself LOL! Happy TT>
I think I just found my birthday present! I was looking around the Sharper Image and found the Bose speaker system for my iPod. It's kind of expensive, but it is exactly what I was looking for. My birthday's on Tuesday, so here's hoping! :) Great list! I love online window shopping!
Camera's pretty cool. Check this medium format one that I found--
#1 sounds like a great suggestion!
Thanks for sharing all the fun shopping links!
I'm starting my shopping early this year!
Have a great weekend! :D
thanks for the link to Way Khool, so much more fun than shoppping!!
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