Monday, November 13, 2006


Stairway to Kula Heaven

Art courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

Those lucky souls who reside in upcountry Kula ON THE MOUNTAIN near the sacred volcano Haleakala are truly blessed for this area of Maui is a slice of Switzerland summer. The weather is not too hot nor too cold--nor too rainy or humid. The air is clear and clean. The emerald green pastures are sprinkled with grazing horses and cattle. The traffic is light. The vegetation is magnificent in all seasons, but in Spring when the jacaranda trees bloom, and their petals fall to the ground like purple snow, Kula could be cast as Heaven in the movies.

My daughter has always loved Kula, and when she was younger, she didn't want to return to the lowlands of South Maui where we lived. The reason was because of the energetic shift for when you're in Kula ON THE MOUNTAIN, you want to remain there--you don't want to leave because you feel so happy. I know the feeling all too well. Coming back into the traffic and the energies of either South or West Maui is a let-down. Your Spirit slumps.

Yesterday my daughter showed me the new Kula home she'll be moving into this month. It's charming with all Kula 'thing's' going for it: beautiful vistas, flowers everywhere, a wood burning fireplace, great neighbors who gift you with fresh organic produce from their garden, a large home gym, close to the Kula Lodge and Market, and supremely peaceful. She is one of the blessed ones, and she knows how lucky she is to acquire this place with her beloved. They are moving a whole lot closer to Heaven on Earth.

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Love the blog , Kula has a special sweetness that is usually found on a moviefi set, not real! However this place is very real...very alive...and very powerful. People say that live there they just want to stay up there!
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